A Modest Traffic Proposal

News that culvert work will close Compo Road North between Cross Highway and Main Street beginning Monday — for 30 days* — has raised the specter of even-longer-than-usual delays from Coffee An’ to the take-your-life-in-your-hands Main Street/Weston Road/Easton Road intersection. And, of course, on side streets.

Alert “06880” Westporter Chip Stephens has a simple, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?! solution:

Open Cross Highway to 2-way traffic, from North Compo to Main Street.

This short stretch of Cross Highway is now one-way. Temporarily opening it to two-way traffic could ease construction-related delays.

This short stretch of Cross Highway is now one-way. Temporarily opening it to two-way traffic could ease construction-related delays.

It’s not unheard of. Back when Chip — a 1973 Staples High School graduate — was a kid, traffic flowed both ways there. Now it’s eastbound only.

The temporary fix would not solve all of Westport’s traffic woes.

But it couldn’t hurt.

*Official estimate. If you believe that, I have a North Avenue Bridge to sell you.

29 responses to “A Modest Traffic Proposal

  1. Do you think they will act Swiftly?

    Lynn Flaster 203-856-5649


  2. Allison Adler

    I think if they opened that section of Cross Hwy to westbound traffic-getting onto Main Street from there would be taking your life into your hands. I suspect that is why they made it one way.

    • Kevin O'Halloran

      Agreed. Cross Highway funnels into a single lane and then into oncoming traffic…sounds like fun

  3. Arline P Grrtzoff

    Another temporary fix is to open Maplewood Ave for the duration to two way traffic so people can turn left before the four way nightmare. Also support the temporary two way at CrossHighway .Sorry in advance to residents of Oak Street .You will love the extra traffic but at least you got your speed bumps Only 30 days and counting This all should have been done at least 50 Years ago Hey then we can then look forward to the fix ion front of the old Daybreak Yes I have lived in the neighborhood for a mere 60 years Cannot wait until Monday

  4. Peter W Nathan

    Another important fix is to install a traffic circle, as in all over Europe at the intersection of Easton Road, Main street and Weston Road. I realize that this might involve the State but it is a clogged intersection all to often.

  5. Cheryl McKenna

    I believe a little girl was killed on this section when it was two way traffic. Then it became one way. I am sure Dan you could confirm this sad story for your readers.

  6. A traffic circle at that intersection has been the obvious and necessary answer for the 45 years I’ve been in town. The inability of Westport police to positively assist (i.e. do more than stand to the side and watch) in even minor road construction projects (e.g. installation of new traffic light fixtures on the Post Road) would make this project the Olympic event of road work in the Town!

  7. Brilliant

  8. Cheryl McKenna

    Understandable Dan

  9. Jill Grayson

    Time to call Jim Marpe and your RTM representative. This project should not be started until the North Ave bridge is completed. At least, there would be an alternative route available for those of us who have been inconvenienced for months.

  10. Julie Van Norden

    Oh goody, just in time for school to open. Something else to drive everyone crazy, especially the school bus drivers.

  11. Peggy O'Halloran

    The town states that Compo Rd N. between Main and Cross Hwy will be closed, which should mean that Main St. will still be traversable north and south during construction. Hopefully, that will mean that Cross Hwy will merely ameliorate north bound flow while southbound will still be using Main St without the need to reroute. If all goes well …

  12. The one way section of Cross Highway could be used for two way traffic on a limited basis — Monday through Friday during AM and PM rush hours. With proper traffic controls like signs, temporary barriers AND traffic control professionals in place, this option could address both public safety issues and neighborhood concerns. As for the cost: a State Highway Department created problem should be paid for from the funds budgeted for the project.

    Or, we could all just sit around and curse the darkness.

  13. Bart Shuldman

    Way to go Chip!!

    What a mess. And who would think that our own State Rep sits on the transportation committee in Hartford. No help–and North Avenue Bridge is a mess too. You can’t make this up.

    • Dick Lowenstein

      Why don’t you keep your nasty political comments to yourself. We’re trying to solve a local problem, not make it a political issue, which it is NOT!

      • Bart Shuldman

        Dick-give it a break. Just because you don’t like to read any criticism of our state rep–Too Bad!!!! North Avenue is a mess. The situation could have been helped by an effective person in Hartford who actually SITS on the transportation committee. Since he voted twice to support his leadership in Hartford to raise taxes you would think he could get some help in Westport. I guess not.

        Dick-give your fingers some rest. Westporters deserve to know even if it hurts or bothers you.

        • Agree with Dick. Not everything needs to be about Jonathan.

          • Bart Shuldman

            John. What is his value if he cannot help us? What is his value given he voted to raise taxes on the residents of Westport but when we have road issues caused by the state-he is no where.

            John–he sits on the transportation committee!! This is not political. Where is his help???? The traffic situation is going to be a nightmare. Hopefully Mr Izzo can rally some help for us.

        • Dick Lowenstein

          I, for one, tend to be brief, very, very brief in my comments……….

          • Bart Shuldman

            Dick-short and wrong and trying to hide the facts.

            With Jonathan’s votes-how much in PILOT payments did Westport lose-over $1.6 MILLION. With Jonathan’s votes how much in state education funds dos Westport lose? Over a $1MILLION. With Jonathan’s votes how much did the death and estate tax go up? ALOT. And of course state income tax increases.

            And he can not even hell Westport with transportation issues even though he sits on the transportation committee

            Short and sweet Dick.

            • Bart; You are on the mark. Even if westport is well managed, Malloy and his cronies will take it down like a deck chair on the Titanic

              • Peter Nathan

                This back and forth is getting stupid.

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            • Jeff Arciola

              It amazes me that Dick gets so upset. The facts are the facts Dick. Sorry that Jonathan is a democrat. Stop defending him. I’m sure Mr Izzo could do a better job.

  14. Nancy Hunter

    There are three here who could cause a diplomatic nightmare in Rio.
    Why not accept a good proposal that would solve a problem?