Dining Al Fresco At Sherwood Mill Pond

Alert “06880” reader/photographer/nature lover Seth Schachter was strolling along the Sherwood Mill this morning.

He spotted an egret in the raceway at Compo Cove. The handsome bird was looking for fish coming off high tide, as they swept through the gates.

Egret 1

Seth’s patience was rewarded.

Egret 2

So was the egret’s, as these photos show.

(Photos/Seth Schachter)

(Photos/Seth Schachter)

2 responses to “Dining Al Fresco At Sherwood Mill Pond

  1. Jerry MacDaid

    Poor fish. Doesn’t the egret understand that killing another living creature for food is wrong? That the vegan lifestyle is the way to go? That kale is the answer?

  2. David Squires

    i use to fish in that exact spot as a kid… Guess my secret’s out!