“Good Morning” Goodbye

Staples High School teachers Jim Honeycutt and Mike Zito invented the school’s Media Lab.

From their funky studios near the cafeteria, the duo taught thousands of students — and oversaw WWPT-FM, the Staples Television Network, a recording studio and much more.

“Good Morning Staples” is one small part of what they’ve done. But since its first broadcast in 2001, the thrice-weekly TV show has had an outsized influence on the school.

Yesterday’s “Good Morning Staples” broadcast was the last of the school year — and their last ever. Both Honeycutt and Zito retire this month.

The 24-minute video offers just a tiny sampling of the work their kids did. It’s a tribute to Staples students’ spectacular energy, dedication, talent and energy.

Which, of course, was unlocked, nurtured and nourished by 2 very special teachers.

10 responses to ““Good Morning” Goodbye

  1. Martin Gitlin

    Words fail to convey the gratitude that we have for Honeycutt and Zeeto. They have made a huge and positive impact on the lives or our three children, each of whom has been touched by their generosity, kindness, and positive spirit of irreverent fun, and us as well. The whole community will miss these guys, but has been left immeasurably richer for their contribution and their continuing legacy. Godspeed gentlemen!

  2. Alberta Cifolelli

    Dan, You write a lot about Staples grads, hose life work was strongly influenced by Staples.

    Our son Mark Lamb, who started at WWPT owns a radio station in Fork’s Washington at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula. I think there is an interesting story there. Mark can be reached at mark@8002lamb.com or mark@forksbroadcasting.com Alberta Cifolelli

  3. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    The video was fabulous. They will certainly be missed.

  4. Thanks Zito and Honeycutt! You guys were an inspiration to me and quite a few minds over the years 🙂

  5. Lisa Marriott

    Two of the absolute BEST of SHS and the Westport Public Schools. They both will certainly be missed. From CMS to SHS they absolutely inspired my children who were able to take advantage of all they brought to the classroom each and every day! Wishing you both unlimited happiness on your next journey. All the best, The Marriott Family

  6. Wendy Batteau

    Jim Honeycutt and Mike Zito both provided the closest thing to STEM education years before our school system did, and also bridged the technology-arts divide. They made a real difference to a whole population of students, with the best of humor. Thanks, guys, and happy trails to you!

  7. Deb Findley

    Two Icons at Staples. Thank you, thank you for your dedication and most especially for the inspiration you have provided to so many students at SHS. Wishing you both all the best in your next adventures!

  8. Holly Wheeler

    That was FANTASTIC, Jim and Mike. Good luck in your next lives.

  9. Dianne Wildman

    Mr Honeycutt, boy oh boy was Westport lucky to have you. Thank you for all that hard work and so much kindness. Enjoy sleeping in!

  10. Glenn Welling

    Mr. Honeycutt embodied what we all wanted in a teacher – he inspired creativity and deeper thinking and did it all with a smile while we all had fun learning. He started our first ever computer lab at Long Lots and then built one at Staples – his contributions are endless and they will be sorely missed. Thanks for the memories!