Musica Caliente!

On Friday, Staples High School’s Orphenians, A Cappella Choir, Chorus and Chorale presented more than a dozen songs from places near the equator: Brazil, Bali, India, Puerto Rico, Haiti, East Africa.

“¡Musica Caliente!” was the latest in an extraordinary series of gifts from the music department to the town.

If you missed it, no hay problema. Staples’ indefatigable Media Lab co-director Jim Honeycutt taped and edited the entire show. Now “06880” readers can enjoy it all.

NOTE: The first number is not a traditional “song.” But it does show the amazing sounds choral director Luke Rosenberg elicits from his teenage singers.

If your browser does not take you directly to YouTube, click here.

One response to “Musica Caliente!

  1. Susan Ellis

    What a delight! Thank you, Dan, for enabling all your readers to enjoy this concert.