Be Careful What You Wish For

A while back, graffiti appeared on the Sasco Creek Road railroad bridge, near Southport Beach.

Eventually, state workers got around to painting it over.

Tom Arnold is not pleased.

Sasco Creek Road railroad bridge - Tom Arnold

The alert “06880” reader — who is not, presumably, the oft-divorced actor with the same name — calls the paint job “an insult to Westport. They made absolutely no effort to match the color.”

In fact, he says, “the graffiti was better than what’s there now.”

Sure, it’s a First World problem.

But it’s ours.

9 responses to “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. They’re Rothkos!

  2. Tom Broadbent

    That looks like metal cover primer, maybe the plan is cover the graffiti with a non bleed through layer then come back with the right color. I hope so!

  3. That’s the wrong BuzzFeed link to associate with this story. Tom has to get creative.

  4. Katherine Bruan

    that was funny evan! thx

  5. Bill Briggs

    I kind of like it. It could be titled “Panels”.

  6. Virginia R. Clark

    They’re more like Ad Reinhardt, the minimalist.

  7. I think Tom B is right, it looks like primer. Can we let some time go by and see what actually happens, before riling up the lynch mob? This is the same BS with the Stop & Shop trees… People need to be more patient around this town and not jump to conclusions.