It’s National Police Week!

Carol Luciano Swan sends along a reminder: This is National Police Week.

Normally, “06880” stays away from such stories. Every week honors something.

But our police deserve a shout-out. Whether defusing a hatchet-wielding domestic dispute (which happened Monday on Richmondville Avenue) or making Art About Town safe for everyone (which they’ll do tonight), Westport’s finest are truly “the finest.”

So to all who protect and serve — and all who have done so in the past (including Carol’s dad, former chief Sam Luciano): thank you.

This is your week. But we’re grateful for you the same way you’re there for us.


Westport police

Part of the monument outside police headquarters on Jesup Road.

6 responses to “It’s National Police Week!

  1. Bruce A. Jones

    Dan: Well told.

  2. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    A shout out also to Carol’s mom and to Carol’s sister Jo.

  3. Grant Pollard

    Personally I am not a big fan of the Wesport police. I grew up around LEO and feel strongly that many of the 68 plus officers in Westport need to understand their role is to “Serve & Protect” not ” Comfront & Intimidate” . My teenage daughter was hit by a car on Bridge street, route 136, last August and not only was she on a cross walk at the time the driver put her head through the window of the car and then she was sent over 100 yards down the road on her back she had looked both ways and never saw what hit her! In my opinion the Westport Officer who responded to the scene did not do due diligence in my daughters accident investigation. For example besides taking photos of the accident scene he did not get any witness statements and did not check to see if any of the following was a factor in the accident that almost ended my daughters life. Speeding, distracted driving or alcohol! What he did determine, in his brief investigation,was that my daughter was at fault as he deemed that the cross walk ( which has been in its current location for decades) had been closed by the State of CT so the driver whom hit my daughter was exonerated and my daughter was found to be at fault! This of course is only the tip of the iceberg and my life my wife’s and my daughters have been changed forever as a result of this incident. In the majority of States the driver would have been found at fault, not a 15 year old teenage girl out for a run, and local police would have done a much better job of “Serving & Protecting”!

  4. Dorothy Abrams

    I always found our officers to be polite, helpful, and efficient. I remember onetime, particularly, when I thought there was some-one in the house. I was a widow by then. Not only did an officer come and walked thru the house with me, but reiterated when I kept appologizing that they would much rather go on a false alarm than find trouble.

  5. Thanks Carol, Thanks Danny!!
    It was my pleasure to serve My Home Town as a Westport Police Officer from 1978 – 1992.
    I served with many fabulous guys and girls!! To each of you thank you for your service to Our Home Town!!

    Tom Wall
    Badge # 54
    Badge # 292

  6. Jacques Voris

    Three Westport Officers have died in the line of duty: