Livingston Taylor: Live In Westport!

Emma Ruchefsky is about to finish her first year at the Berklee College of Music.

Like virtually every student at what may be the hippest college in the country, she loves the education she’s getting — her coursework, her opportunities to perform, her intense exposure to many facets of the music industry.

So it was natural for her parents — Steve Ruchefsky and Rondi Charleston — to offer their Westport home for a reception for accepted students from Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

What made the event special — and what separates Berklee from the rest of the pack — is that a noted stage performance professor came to perform.

That would be Livingston Taylor.

Livingston Taylor, hanging out at the Ruchefskys' house.

Livingston Taylor, hanging out this afternoon in Westport.

The wide-ranging, much-loved singer-songwriter has toured with Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffet and Jethro Tull. But there he was, in an Evergreen Avenue living room earlier today, talking easily but lovingly about the power of music, its potential to change lives, and his passion for the school.

“I love physics, inventions, math and the workings of the planet,” Taylor said. But music holds a special place in his heart.

Addressing the parents in the room — some of whom might wonder about the wisdom of a career in music — he added: “Please understand your children are seen by a benevolent and generous universe. The gods will bless their journey.”

He introduced a trio of current students, who blazed through several American roots tunes.

From left: Steve Ruchefsky, a Berklee trio of American roots musicians, Livingston Taylor, Emma Ruchesfsky and Rondi Charleston.

From left: Steve Ruchefsky, a Berklee trio of American roots musicians, Livingston Taylor, Emma Ruchesfsky and Rondi Charleston.

Livingston Taylor joined them for a couple of numbers. He followed with a solo mini-concert of his own. Then he called on Emma, for a “My Fair Lady” duet.

They finished with his brother James’ classic, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

What a wonderful way to prove the power of music. The draw of Berklee.

And the amazing things that happen, right under our noses, right here in Westport.

8 responses to “Livingston Taylor: Live In Westport!

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wow! They could have had a sold-out audience instantly. What a super cool afternoon we would have enjoyed.

  2. Lynn U. Miller

    Dan, I believe we were seniors when Livington Taylor performed at Staples. I remember because my mom gave my brother and me tickets for us and a bunch of our friends, as a random gift. Because she was fabulous. It was a great concert. I probably still have the ticket stub somewhere.😊

  3. Dan, I think the title should have been “Livingston Taylor Live In Westport Again. Like Lynn, I was there too. It was a terrific concert, and the first time I heard anyone other than Judy Garland sing Over the Rainbow. Memorable concert!

    Elyse Evers Staples ’74

  4. Luisa Francoeur

    As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but in this case I would call Emma a peach ! She has a lovely voice and great presence. Congratulations to Emma and her parents.

  5. Tom Turnbull

    Love Livingston! “City Lights” with James a favorite!

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  6. Jill Turner Odice

    I saw him play at Staples way back when 🙂 It was a wonderful show! I still love his and James’s music!

  7. A chapel hill boy!

  8. Terry brannigan

    That was beautiful