Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #68

Drivers, joggers, nearby residents — many of you knew that last week’s photo challenge showed the bridge on Lyons Plains Road near the Coleytown Road fork.

And beyond it, a smaller “bridge to nowhere” that we asked for the back story of. Turns out it used to be on the main drag, before the road was relocated.

Congratulations to Stacy Prince, Bill Coley (a legit Coley family member?!), Christopher Lewis, Sally Korsh, Barbara Greenspan, Cristina Negrin, Jacques Voris, Noel Castiglia (of the Lyons Plains Castiglias) and Jalna Jaeger, for correctly identifying the bridges, and providing plenty of interesting info on them. (To see last week’s photo challenge, and all the comments, click here.)

Which brings us to this week’s challenge, courtesy of Peter Barlow:

Oh My 06880 - 2 - April 17, 2016 - Peter Barlow

It’s a tough one. But you guys are good.

Click “Comments” below. And, as always, add any details you know!

21 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #68

  1. This looks like the new building that is going up on Post Road on the right if your headed north to Fairfield. I think it’s Garelick and Herb going in there or Ms. greens

  2. Jim Stablein

    That is correct.

  3. Wendy Cusick

    My first thought was downtown (Post Road/State St across from Patagonia/Triangle Bank Building Westport B&T). The stone building between the new paper source building and the old movie theatre which is restoration hardware. Old Town Hall where restaurants live now

  4. The original town hall on the Post Road

  5. The old stone Town Hall on Post Road.

  6. Scott Brodie

    Old Town Hall on the Post Road?

  7. Unfortunately, you are all incorrect! Keep guessing…

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It looks “beach” to me… Looking down, rather than a wall.

  9. Spicer Road, very near Beechwood Lane

    • Well done, Roger!

      This is indeed the gatepost on Spicer Road at Beechwood Lane. Spicer runs behind Five Guys and Dunkin Donuts, connecting Park Lane and Hillspoint Road.

      According to Peter Barlow, who took the photo, there were originally 2 stone gateposts on Spicer, next to a brook with very little water. In the 1970s, the driveway was overgrown with weeds and foliage.

      Through the end of the century, the gateposts deteriorated further. One disappeared; the bowl on the top of the other was broken.

      Recently however, neighbors saved and restored as much as possible. The gatepost was relocated to the corner of Beechwood and Spicer, where it stands as an obelisk.

      Thanks, Peter — and congrats, Roger!

  10. Pamela Pollak

    Garelick and Herbs new building decorative detail.

  11. Peter Barlow–the same Peter Barlow who was the photographer down at the original Cedar Point Yacht Club who drove that funky little boat “The Focus” to photograph sail races? If so, you’d remember my dad, Don Kellogg. I’m “Peachy” Kellogg living here in Naples, FL and mom (aka Sally Kellogg Deegan) is turning 90 next month and also lives here in Naples.

  12. Peter Barlow

    Sally: Yes I remember Don Kellogg and also remember the Alden cutter AIRES which you mentioned in an earlier 06880 about seaplanes. I photographed AIRES in the summer of 1956 from my “funky little boat” which formerly belonged to Capt. Tooker – you remember him?

    • i remember Capt Bob. he was my boss when i drove the launch down at Cedar Point summers 1951 and 52. i got a lot of my work ethic from Capt, Bob Tooker, Harbormaster.

  13. Virginia R. Clark

    Old Compo Beach foot wash area??

  14. Leslie Bestus


  15. Sampson, David

    Please retract your post re Bravo restaurant. It is open and serving, and frankly we have been there numerous times and find it quite good. Shame on you for not checking before posting.

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