A Tale Of One Library Book

The Westport Library can be a noisy place.

But it does many things well. And some of those things are done very, very quietly.

The 1st book Seth Schachter checked out — and read with his son — was “Mister Doctor.” It’s a wonderful story about a remarkable man, during one of history’s darkest periods.

Seth learned that the subject of the story — Janusz Korczak — had written a Harry Potter-like book, “Kaytek the Wizard.” He wanted to check it out for his 9-year-old son. But the library did not own it.

Westport Library logoSeth offered to purchase it for them. The librarian said no. Instead, she asked Seth to write down details about the book, and add his own contact info.

A few days later, the library emailed Seth. The book was on hold.

They’d purchased the book. They already received it, cataloged it, and reserved it for him.

It’s a little thing, sure.

But the library didn’t have to do it. They didn’t have to go the extra mile.

That they did — and did it so graciously, quickly and quietly — says a lot about the Westport Library, and everyone who works there.

You might say: It speaks volumes.

Kaytek the Wizard

9 responses to “A Tale Of One Library Book

  1. Love this!

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  2. The library has done that on my behalf a few times, without me asking. The service levels there are just amazing and it is truly a gem for the town of Westport!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Excellent service, common among most public libraries (in my experience). All books and materials have to be reviewed before purchase (of course!)

  4. It’s admirable but a little peculiar. They already subscribe to the interlibrary loan service. If they keep buying books when people make requests, what’s Susan Madeo going to do?

    Interlibrary Loan Services • Susan Madeo

  5. I have requested book purchases and every time they have been done. I’ve requested many ILL books, and they come from around the state and I get a call when the book is there, put aside for me. The Library is amazing!

  6. Christine Bisceglie

    Also , every time a request. No questions asked. It does not get better. And I frequent this oasis 1x week or more. Every day if I could.

  7. Christine Bisceglie

    Shh , it’s a secret

  8. Mark Mathias

    I like your first line, Dan: “The Westport Library can be a noisy place.” How many cities and towns are happy that their library is a noisy place? The Westport Library is a model for libraries of the future.

  9. I want to give a shoutout to Marta Campbell, the recently-retired librarian, who so quickly and generously would buy almost any book that I read a great review of and asked if the Westport Library could purchase. Marta was such a warm and lovely person in our town!!