Julia Marino Gets Fenway Air

It’s one thing to win a World Series game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox have done it several times.

But to conquer a 140-foot-tall, 430-foot long snowboard jump to win the women’s Big Air competition at Fenway — well, only Julia Marino has done that.

The 18-year-old Westporter wowed the Boston crowd last night — and a national NBC Sports audience — with her very impressive 3-jump, 169.25-point performance.

Julia Marino, on NBC Sports last night.

Julia Marino, on NBC Sports last night.

NBC’s announcers were gushing in their praise. Male or female — Marino was very impressive, they said.

It was her 1st time ever in Fenway. She arrived late, not knowing until the night before that she’d be competing.

“I was so stoked,’’ she said. “I was so happy actually to be able to put down my runs and win. This is an amazing place to have a snowboarding contest. It’s definitely the coolest, most creative place to have a contest because it’s so unique. There’s never been anything like this. It’s just a big jump in the middle of a baseball stadium and that’s pretty cool to say.’’

Julia Marino soars high above Fenway Park.

Julia Marino soars high above Fenway Park.

Next up: Quebec Big Air.

And after that: Perhaps the 2018 Winter Olympics, in Korea.

(Click here for an NBC Sports video of Marino’s performance. Click here for the Boston Globe story.)

9 responses to “Julia Marino Gets Fenway Air

  1. Michelle Titlebaum

    Thanks for sharing Dan, I missed this on TV last night. Way to go Julai!!! Awesome

  2. I watched it last night and loved watching it, very stoked!

  3. Thank you, Dan! It was surreal to see that giant scaffolding rising above Fenway, and then to see Julia flying through the air…

    We are en route to Quebec now, as Julia will compete in the Quebec City Big Air tomorrow night. She departs Sunday morning with the US Snowboarding Team, to compete in a FIS World Cup slope style contest in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. She will ride the course that the Olympians will ride in 2018.

  4. You GO Girl!

  5. Matthew Mandell

    Way to go Julia. Keep on flying.

  6. Sorry to have missed this on TV last night – ‘will have to try to find it online. (I’ll start with your link, above). What a wonderful event to bring to a city center, and a thrill to have “one of our own” on the top of the podium! We will certainly be watching for her in upcoming Big Air competitions. Go Julia!

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    This is awesome!

    This young woman looks so elated!

    I’m super happy for her.

    I missed the event, but saw the slope setup at Fenway. That’s a fun, “high energy” place to be (as a performer AND a spectator).

    I saw the NHL Winter Classic (Boston Bruins) there a few years back, and what a “trip” that was!

    Keep it up girl!

  8. Go, Julia! In the NYT, before the event: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/02/10/sports/ap-ski-fenway-big-air.html

  9. And this might be the shot of the event, featuring Boston’s own Citgo sign, graced by Westport’s own, Julia Marino: http://www.boston.com/entertainment/events/2016/02/11/this-snowboarding-photo-boston/2tjkuDdlxYyXOpazB9OmnL/story.html?s_campaign=bcom%3Asocialflow%3Afacebook