My Singing Valentine

Blair Satter’s love of music started in 9th grade.

He still remembers his Long Lots Junior High teachers — Mrs. Gauger and Miss Puk — and singing a “Music Man” medley in a barber chair.

At Staples he sang with George Weigle and John Hanulik. He even took summer school chorus.

Eleven years ago, Satter became friends with a freelance artist. Her boyfriend sang in a barbershop chorus in Trumbull, where Satter lived. Before he could say “Sweet Adeline,” he was assigned a riser position.

Coastal Chordsmen serenede a surprised woman.

Coastal Chordsmen serenede a surprised woman.

His group — Coastal Chordsmen — have sung pro bono for groups like Habitat for Harmony and Swim Across the Sound; for the swearing-in ceremony of new citizens in Hartford, and at local hospitals and churches.

From Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 14, they offer “Singing Valentines.” Tuxedo-clad gentlemen will sing a song, and present a card, chocolate lollipop, rose (or a dozen) and $25 gift card to a loved one.

Singing Valentines can be delivered to homes, businesses, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals — almost any place in Fairfield or New Haven Counties.

If you’re ready to pop the question, a Singing Valentine makes a memorable marriage proposal (and story to be told for generations).

Prices start at $65. Proceeds support worthy causes like the American Red Cross, Merton House, Project Hope, Connecticut Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity.

To order a Singing Valentine, call 203-816-0462.

Satter’s story — which started in Westport — does not end with Valentine’s Day. His son Daniel — who learned to harmonize by listening to Coastal Chordsmen — is now a sophomore at Western Connecticut State University, majoring in music education.

Like his dad, he’s a bass.

Blair Satter and his son.

Blair Satter and his son Daniel.

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  1. I heard them, snapped photos, and blogged about their wonderful singing Valentine yesterday at La Jolie Salon in Stamford