Virtually Real Real Estate

If you’ve seen “Ice Age,” “Rio,” “Epic” — even “Horton Hears a Who” — you know Inna Agujen’s work.

As senior technical director for Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, she created computer-generated environments — forests, jungles, ice worlds — for those animated films.

Inna Agujen

Inna Agujen

When her 3rd child was born, Inna became a freelancer. She and her husband formed a software business.

In 2014 — fed up with ever-rising property taxes and declining schools in Westchester — Inna and her husband moved to Westport. They’d visited Compo Beach a couple of years earlier, and said, “This is the place to be!”

It’s been a good move. “People work hard here,” Inna says. “But they also enjoy life. We’re glad we made the jump.”

It did not take long for Inna to discover the Westport Library’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. “It’s a new way to look at space,” she says.

Inna was hooked. But she wanted to do more with the cutting-edge technology.

She has a real estate license. She saw her colleagues photographing multimillion-dollar homes with cellphones.


Inna’s new company — Procyon 7 Studios — uses a Matterport camera to scan a house’s interiors. After a bit of editing, Inna uploads a 3D “virtual tour” of homes for sale. Think of it as an indoor version of Google Street View. You decide where you want to walk, which stairs to take, what rooms to peek into — and wherever you go, you’ve got 360-degree vision.

The start of a tour using 3D technology. From here, you can go anywhere in the house.

The start of a tour using 3D technology. From here, you can go anywhere in the house.

Procyon 7 lets you measure any room or part of the house. It’s easy to visualize additions, renovations and more.

Buyers love the technology, Inna says. They can fall in love with a home — or hate it — long before setting foot inside. One realtor likened it to “playing with a dollhouse.” Clients became obsessed with it, “almost like a kid playing Minecraft.”

3D rendering tours have potential far beyond real estate. Inna says they’re great for museums, art galleries — any interior space that people wander through. She thinks architects, builders, designers and insurance companies will love the concept.

Intrigued? Not sure what this is all about? Click here to see one of Inna Agujen’s virtual tours. (Once the site loads, click, hold and move anywhere on the kitchen image to begin.)

The 3D technology also offers a "dollhouse" view inside a home.

The 3D technology also offers a “dollhouse” view inside a home.

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  2. Inna hi – I work at R/GA, where we did an amazing VR project with Volvo which showed me the commercial potentials for VR. I would love to learn more about what you are doing. I also live in Westport and have 3 kids and its always nice to meet other working parents in our field. Hit me up on LinkedIn. Lucy Fielding.