Chocolates And Community

When Aarti Khosla opened Le Rouge a little over a year ago, she followed her dream.

She wanted to turn her new spot under the old Sally’s Place into a fantastic chocolate shop. And she did.

Aarti Khosla, in her red-and-black-themed chocolate shop.

Aarti Khosla, in her red-and-black-themed chocolate shop.

But the creative Westonite wanted to do more. Driven by a strong belief that women need a place to regain the confidence they lose when they give up rewarding careers to raise a family and support a spouse climbing the corporate ladder, she is offering her space to “all the supermoms in our community who also happen to be entrepreneurs. Or plan to be one soon.”

Now, Le Rouge is more than a spot to enjoy artisanal chocolate. It’s also a meeting place to share ideas.

Once a week, women entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their plans, products or services to prospective clients. Aarti calls it “your own open house. Invite your own audience.” There is no cost.

Aarti has already been contacted by a woman selling jewelry for a trunk show, a travel agent and a therapist. Word is spreading quickly.

Le Rouge is a tiny space — seating only a dozen or so people. But it has a very big heart.

(To reserve space, email For a calendar of weekly events, click here.)

6 responses to “Chocolates And Community

  1. Such a fabulous idea. Aarti is lovely and her chocolates are to die for. The first time I shopped there, I needed a Hanukah gift and happily left with a box of beautifully stamped gold & chocolate coins. They were delicious, elegant and much appreciated by my hosts. She was so helpful and the in store sampling was fun!

  2. Aarti is really an artist. her chocolates are delicious and the packaging is perfect. i kept circling back to her shop through out december finding the loveliest gifts for so many of our friends who appreciate the finer things in life. i hope her business thrives and that she is supported by the community.

    • Thank you Marcy for your kind words. I love what I do and hopefully that shines through in all my creations. Trying to spread happiness, one chocolate at a time!

  3. Thanks for the story, Dan. I just checked out this little shop and was kinda astonished to see a number of people waiting to place orders. They all seemed to be repeat customers. Aarti lets you try things and is really helpful at guiding those of us who are maybe not so literate when it comes to things chocolate. Which is basically all men…

    • Thank you Morley for stopping in and patiently waiting through the Valentine’s Day mad rush…… The journey as a chocolatier has been blessed with making new friends who stop in not only to pick up chocolates, but also to share what is happening in their lives…… Hope my chocolate creations will bring you back soon….