Jetty In Winter

Jetty - Patricia McMahon

Photographer Patricia McMahon says: “No matter how the light hits our jetty, it always entices me. This view never gets old.”

19 responses to “Jetty In Winter

  1. Bettina Calise

    Beautiful! I have the fondest memories of growing up on that jetty – thanks for sharing!

  2. Adam Schwartz '75

    If anyone finds a gold necklace with a Jewish Chai and a silver looking watch on that jetty, it’s mine. Lost it back in the summer of 1970 while swimming off the end. The tide rose and I lost them. Small reward if found….

  3. Looks like some very isolated place in Antarctica

  4. I used to fish for Blues in between the two islands that are just to the left of the jetty. Wade into the warm summer water at mid to low tide and cast into the baitfish schools they’d drive into shore. I love that spot.

    When was that jetty built and by whom?

  5. Views such as these never do get old…glorious photo!

  6. ❤️ Dan and I were Married out on that jetty! by the Reverand Eileen Flug ❤️

    • Eileen Lavigne Flug

      Actually JP Eileen Flug, but thanks for the shout-out, Betz! It was an amazing day. 🙂

      Great shot, Patricia! Sure to become a legendary Westport pic.

  7. Kathi Sherman

    Beautiful photo!!!

  8. Got the worst sun burn in my life one April day using the jetty as a wind breaker! Love that place :}

  9. Susan Hopkins


  10. David Squires

    A True Winter Winner!

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Aurora Borealis manifested itself a few moments later.

  12. Really beautiful shot!

  13. Dear Dan=
    As Bob HOPE “crooned” to Shirley ROSS [cf: BIG BROADCAST Of 1938 ]
    “Thanks for the Memory”*. *i.e.”swan” diving off that SaugatuckSound jetty
    the year I rented Bob & Janice STONE ‘s “Summer cottage on the MillPond”.
    Came with matchless neighbors Ed SAMMIS; Frank & Dolores ROETTER; Hilaire COY; plus ALLEN’s Seafood. Ever grateful for/to All of the Above.
    Thanks again. s/Noel [Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr / NoelJr@OptOnline.Net]

  14. To quote the immortal Vernel BAGNERIS (1 MO TIME)U can say that again. s/NePjr

  15. Timothy Woodruff

    Lovely Image!

  16. Terrific photo of a very special place. ..I have fond memories of the jetty and of compo

  17. Sharon Paulsen

    Ahhhh! I am truly moved!

    This place, I’ve grown up with, so familiar.

    Yet, this image is also so otherworldly …

    … like a dream I once had, of the coast, where the shadows are unreliable, the sea is peculiar, and the horizon … pensive.

    I’m waxing poetic – old-soul sailor here.

    One of the best Westport coastal images ever. Thanks for posting Dan!

    And thanks to Patricia McMahon – keep on doing THIS!!

  18. Patricia McMahon

    Thank you all for the lovely compliments and feedback. Westport is magical,isn’t it?