Stop The Presses: Restaurant Actually OPENS In Westport

The restaurant gods take away, and then they giveth.

Just a day after Post 154 served its last, little-lamented meal downtown, Saugatuck welcomed its newest eatery.

In one of its oldest locations.

While dining at Rizzuto’s tonight, an alert “06880” reader noticed some activity across the street. He wandered over to see.

Parker Mansion — the reverently named successor to Mansion Clam House — is open for business.

Parker Mansion - front

Our diner was blown away by the interior. The formerly cramped ground floor is now wide and expansive.

Seating on the 2nd floor overlooks the action below.

Parker Mansion - view from 2nd floor

An outdoor deck will be packed in summer. Even tonight, the view of the river — and the bridge, still sporting holiday lights — was very cool.

Parker Mansion - view from deck

The menu includes steak, other meats and fish. There’s a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, and “sides and sliders.” Soup specials change daily.

A number of familiar faces are behind the bar, and on the serving floor.

“This is one of those places you hope will make it,” our “06880” reporter says.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Parker Mansion!

16 responses to “Stop The Presses: Restaurant Actually OPENS In Westport

  1. Well it is great to see that not all landlords in Westport will put restaurants and small businesses out to pasture! Welcome Parker Mansion, and whomever takes over the Post Office again and Bertuccis on the Post Road

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Can’t wait to try Parker Mansion! Looking forward to it.

  3. I’ve been driving by watching and I noticed that there is a very old (crumbling) double terrace that sits right of the edge of the river –and I just wanted to Suggest… That the owners look at a terraced outdoor drinks/dining area.. Pretty great seats!!
    Ps! Good luck to you– we will be in Soon!

    Betsy Kahn

  4. Love this place in Trumbull! Welcome..

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  5. I wish I had the same impression of the place on Friday night. But, fingers crossed and I wish them the best.

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Well, it looks inviting to be sure. But, I suspect it could be loud in there (open two-story set up/loft style can be acoustic nightmares with a packed house). Looking forward to more reviews/feedback here!

    Ina, just wondering what you meant by “love this place in Trumbull”?

    Are these the same owners as one of our few restaurants here in Trumbull? (O-Bar, for instance?).

    If there’s a Parker affiliated eatery here in Trumbull, then I’ve clearly missed the boat.

    Side note: the best seafood, steak, and fine Italian dishes I’ve found around here exists at Roberto’s – on route 25, somewhat near the Easton Road, 136 intersection to 25. Monroe border-ish.
    Pricing is on-point, service excellent, atmosphere cozy but clean, bar area inviting and comfortable, specials always surprisingly fresh and well presented, as is the regular menu. Spinach salad to die for. Shrimp scampi – exceptional, given that this dish tends to fail at most establishments.

    Anyway, I’m musing, but I have no affiliation with Roberto’s … It’s just always been really good!

    • Emily A. Kristy

      There is already a Parker Scotch and Steaks in Trumbull (on White Plains Rd., where the old Dunkin Donuts used to be).

  7. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I’m confused. Is this sports bar with 70’s wallpaper?

    • Emily A. Kristy

      No, it’s a beautiful new restaurant that occupies the old Mansion Clam House.

  8. Cool view of, ahem, the Saugatuck Swing Truss bridge from the rear deck…

  9. No menu online yet; like to see that. Heard that it is overpriced. Oh well, so what would be new.

  10. For those inquiring about menu online: My husband just called. Their website will be However, right now that only links to Parker’s Trumbull and Stratford locations. They said the Westport section of the site launches next week and the menu will be close to the Trumbull menu currently on the site.

  11. Had dinner there last week on Thursday night during their unofficial opening night. Food was quite good but the bill was definitely “up there”. As Ms. Paulsen noted in her comment above it was acoustically quite “fortissimo” (I sat at the bar). Will be going back soon to try the rest of the menu…

  12. Jann Colabella

    $56 for a steak?

  13. Emily A. Kristy

    Yes, there are two other Parker restaurants already, in Trumbull and Stratford. Pat Fahy is a great owner, and I wish him and his employees much success in Westport! Looks like they’ve done a beautiful job remodeling. And in terms of prices, you get what you pay for. You won’t be disappointed!

  14. Sharon Paulsen

    Thanks to all those who confirmed the Parker’s location in Trumbull!

    That area/complex in Trumbull has been in flux for a few years, and it’s not quite the bustling hot spot, as it really should be. Seems to be a real-estate conundrum, in my humble opinion.

    It certainly needed some fresh attention, before developers went balls-out on building new strip mall setups in other areas of town recently.

    Oh yeah, (clears throat) … this is the 06880 blog … not an 06611 blog. I digress!

    (Tail tucked, bowing away … slowly).