Cross This Off Your Wish List

Wishlist — for 18 years a popular girls and women’s clothing store near Dunkin’ Donuts, opposite Fresh Market — has closed. A “retirement sale” that ran through the holiday season is over.

The only thing left on sale are the fixtures.

Calls to the 2 other Wishlist locations — in Greenwich and Darien — were answered by a “this is not a working number” recording.

Wish list

5 responses to “Cross This Off Your Wish List

  1. Barbara Greenspan

    Wishlist is a “mom and mom” store that has outfitted our girls and employed numerous teens for 18 years. It has been a stable fixture in our community and we will miss it!!!

  2. Suzanne Zarrilli

    Dan…Small business retires. Serving girls and woman for 18 years deserves a more positive send off? How about congratulations and thanks for giving our High School communities the opportunity for job service years. A pleasure to have trained many young woman who are currently part of the fashion industry, and continually sending thanks for that training. It has been wonderful saying goodbye to woman who have been shopping for 18 years with their now babies who are still Wesporters!

    • Thanks — you’ve given them a great send-off! Not having ever shopped at Wishlist — or been part of any conversations about it — I was not aware of all they’ve done. Thank you for adding this important information.

  3. Hi Dan and the 06880 community
    18 Years for a local ” mom/pop” is an enigma in today’s internet climate.
    My daughter and I have shopped in Wishlist from their inception. It has been part of our Westport landscape. At the risk of feeling nostalgic, I for one will remember many an afternoon on their couch waiting for her to try to on jeans and T-shirts under the watchful eye of their ever present manager Tracy and the countless high school employees. The owners, Suzanne and Carla have been philanthropic community leaders for so many local charities as well as placing ads in local publications including full page ads in Westport’s Inklings.
    Our small town is changing and evolving ~ sometimes for the better, sometimes not. We need to support and appreciate our local shops especially when they are owned and operated by our neighbors. Farewell to Wishlist ! 18 Years is something to be proud of.