Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #54

We started the new year off with one of our toughest photo challenges ever. It was a wooden owl, perched on a roof. But where?

The Westport Arts Center? Ned Dimes Marina? Earthplace? Inn at Longshore? Nope, nope, nope, nope.

No one was close — until Sharon Paulsen asked: “Sherwood Diner?”

Yep. Way in the back — near the rocky ledge — sits an owl. I’d never noticed it either. But Betsy P. Kahn photographed it, and Sharon remembered it. “Who” knew?! (Click here for the photo; scroll down for the dozens of wrong guesses.)

Here is this week’s challenge. The waterfall is visible from a very busy road. But how many of us have actually looked and seen it?

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

If you think you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

28 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #54

  1. Susan Shuldman

    King’s Highway – near The Great Outdoor Toy Company

  2. East end of Nash’s Pond

  3. Totally Nash’s pond. Not even a question

  4. It’s lower Kings Highway. The small stream that runs under the roAd

  5. Marcella Lozyniak

    Nash’s pond Dam off Kings Highway North?

  6. hallie stevens

    Nash’s pond, worked long enough at the Double L to know that, view from “my office”

  7. ann Becker moore

    Sasco Mill, visible from the Post Road

  8. > Nash’s pond Dam off Kings Highway North think it’s near the Double L stand. I think I remember


  9. Wow — you guys are all good! I thought this was a tough one — a bit obscure and out of the way. But (except for Ann Becker Moore’s 1st guess (Sasco Mill near Southport), you are all correct. It’s Nash’s Pond dam off Kings Highway North. Well done!

  10. Kings highway north

  11. Looks like Cobbs Mill Inn in Weston – visible from Westport.

  12. Seth Schachter

    Nash’s Pond dam – where Outdoor Play Company is located. (off Kings Highway N). Anyone every shopping for a playground set there would know this.

  13. Cobb’s Mill?

  14. Stoneybrook waterfsll from Nash’s pond behind great American toy company

  15. Virginia R. Clark

    Nash’s Pond?

  16. off of north kingshigh way

  17. In 1963, when the Westport Community Theatre was producing its plays at Nash’s Barn, My 5-year old son, wandered away from his Mom, who was busy building sets (I was in the barn rehearsing ), and he somehow started walking across the dam. A friend screamed for Bunni, my wife, and she,showing far more patience and with a low, loving voice, talked him slowly back to safety. Then she made everyone who came out to see the adventure promise never to tell me. The one photo in the series that I could immediately name, was identified by half the Town before I opened my computer.

  18. Jill Turner Odice

    Nash’s pond at the end of King’s Hwy …

  19. Nash’s pond waterfall down to king’s highway. (Corner post road).

  20. Nash’s Pond

  21. Notice to all industrial ruin geeks: The coolest part of this view is the part you can’t see. Just a bit out frame in the foreground is (last I looked) the remains of a 19th cast iron turbine that was once fed by the water behind the dam. It’s just resting there in the stream – a fascinating, accessible and completely authentic relic from Westport’s water powered industrial past.

  22. Richmondville Rd?

  23. Greetings Dan –
    This photo is of the dam – Nash’s pond.

  24. The busy road is North Kings Highway.
    The location is where an old wood mill used to be.
    Not sure what’s there now, but there used to be a play ground equipment company on the property.
    The dam adjoins Nash’s Pond.

  25. In 1953, my girlfriend lived in the house pictured on the left. I spent many happy hours swimming from the dam. We’ve now been married for 57 years and it hasn’t changed a bit.

  26. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Nash’s Pond Dam 😊 (as seen from Kings Highway).

  27. From: Claire Ford
    Kings Highway North at Post Road

  28. Thanks for sharing a photo of the Nash’s Pond dam, correctly identified by several folks as being located directly behind The Great Outdoor Toy Company. We are lucky to have such a beautiful, historic location for our swingset store. : )