So How’s That Commute Goin’?

It’s easy to bitch and moan about Metro-North — slow trains, overcrowding, whatever — to fellow riders, family and friends. The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council feels your pain.

But the independent advocacy board wants hard data.

On Wednesday, the council sent an email to 4,900 Metro-North commuters, primarily Westporters and people from surrounding towns with Westport railroad parking permits (or languishing on the wait list).

The aim is to test the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s notion that because official complaints to Metro-North are down, service is hunky-dory.

Train station drop shadow

The response was immediate. Commuters — perhaps sitting in slow trains, even those with spotty internet connections — clicked on and completed the brief survey.

It’s up through Sunday evening. If you haven’t yet completed it, click here to do so. It’s quick, easy (and confidential).

“Your input will help us do a better job on your behalf,” says CT Commuter Rail Council vice chair John Hartwell. “And hopefully result in a better commute for everyone.”

15 responses to “So How’s That Commute Goin’?

  1. Can you please substitute next time “complain” instead of “bitch and moan “, ? Thanks

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this, DW. I’m filling out the form as soon as I’m done commenting.

    I appreciate Karen Howes’ call for civility in language, but it’s true. I don’t complain about my commute. I “b and m” about it to anyone who will listen. The new executive team at Metro-North has taken the old 57-minute direct express from Westport to GCT and converted it into 1 hour 20 minute “safe” commute.

    It has had a direct impact on the quality of life of Westport commuters, and needs to be addressed.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Perhaps an example of “political correctness gone mad”?

  4. I’ll stick with “bitch and moan” thank you !

  5. Lauren de Bruijn

    I will come to the defense of my good friend Karen.
    Using the term “bitch” (even as a verb) is derogatory to women. It doesn’t just convey “complaining” but “female based complaining” and is pejorative.

    • And I’m sorry Lauren — I didn’t know this was “right” or “wrong.” It’s an interpretation!

    • Can we all just lighten up a little and stop being so politically correct. Dan, maybe you might want to create a “safe page” for those 06880 readers who might be continue to be offended….by the offhanded reference to things such as “bitch and moan!”

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Dan, your urban dictionary explanation has disappeared!
    Anyway, I’ve also read/heard that the word is often used as a term of endearment among gal pals.