You Are A Westporter If…: The Sequel

Following up on this morning’s very popular post:

You are a true Westporter if you recognize this photo, taken earlier today during our unexpected pea-soup fog by alert “0688o” reader JP Vellotti:

Pea soup fog - December 11, 2015 - JP Vellotti

14 responses to “You Are A Westporter If…: The Sequel

  1. Old Mill Pond

  2. Sally J. Deegan

    Old Mill Pond

  3. Houses along Hillspoint Road as seen from the Mill Pond

  4. Saugatuck Shores

  5. Old Mill, pond-side, taken from where Allen’s Clam House used to be (extra points for the townie reference)

  6. Jonathan Maddock

    Sherwood Pond

    • nice – I have an original sheet of that (1895 US Geological Survey Map) framed on the wall at home!

  7. Michael [Mike] Motenko

    A foggy view from the Westport Library.

  8. It is the Mill Pond — the backs of homes, taken from the current preserve (former Allen’s Clam House site). You can go down there now and see much better — the fog has cleared!

  9. Ellen Willmott

    Backside of Main Street before Parker Harding (aka Harder Parking) was built from reclaimed portion of Saugatuck River. Or, Parker Harding after Hurricane (Name).

  10. Saugatuck Shores

  11. In high school I pumped gas at Home Gulf on the Post Road and Paul Newman would visit us in a souped up VW Bug and every Christmas he would hand out bottles of Four Roses whiskey in gift boxes to the employees (of age) but I always managed to snag a bottle. In December one year I sold Christmas Trees in the Big Top parking lot across the street. Fun times!