Purchasing Pearl’s

Before DaPietro’s — way before — there was Pearl’s.

From 1972 to ’85, Paula Pastorelli Schooler owned the popular fondue place on Riverside Avenue.

The restaurant is long gone. But her legendary salad dressing lives on.

Paula pretty much sells it out of her trunk now. After all these years, she’s looking to do something different with it. Perhaps a marketer or promoter could help her reach more customers. Maybe a partner could join her. If someone wants to buy the business or name, she’s willing to talk.

If you are a fan of Pearl’s — the restaurant or the dressing — and want more information, email Paula directly: pearls36@icloud.com.

Paula Schooler, with her Pearl's dressing. (Photo/Mary Ellen Hendricks)

Paula Schooler, with her Pearl’s dressing. (Photo/Mary Ellen Hendricks)

11 responses to “Purchasing Pearl’s

  1. Adam Schwartz '75

    Shark Tank!

  2. I loved Pearl’s. Westport lost a spectacular eatery when it closed. I will repost the (also spectacular) salad dressing post.

  3. Jill Turner Odice

    Maybe she could get in contact with Nell Newman?I Ioved Pearl’s!

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    How about contacting “The Chew”?

  5. Did I go to school with Paula? She was very beautiful. Joey

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  6. Pearl’s was fantastic! My mom and her lady friends went there for lunch all the time! Sweet old days of Westport and all of the small interesting eateries and shops. I still love it here, but do miss the old charm.

  7. I went to Long Lots with Paula. I have very fond memories of her. I used to eat at Pearl’s in the early 1980s, and it was a great restaurant. I do have a comment on salad dressing though. One can Trademark salad dressing, but one can’t patent it. I went through a situation a few years ago with a salad dressing I was helping to market.With that said, I wish Paula the best of luck.

  8. I used to work at Paula’s Restaurant , Pearls, as a teenager and I LOVE her salad dressing! ( and love Paula too!) . We sell it at our store, Calise’s.

  9. Michael Calise

    A Very Special Person!

  10. Paula Schooler

    yes Joey Hope you are well class of 65 ? where are you these days?