Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #48

Last week’s photo challenge was the toughest ever. It also drew the most comments.

It took over 50 guesses — and some transcontinental teamwork — but Bobbie Herman finally identified the spot in Westport where you can find both the Confederate battle flag and a swastika.

They’re part of posters hanging in the Staples High School auditorium. One was for Players’ long-ago production “John’s Brown Body”; the other was for the more recent “Cabaret.” Click here to see the photos, and read all the back-and-forth.

This week’s photo challenge may be tough too. So here’s a clue: It was taken outdoors. Click “Comments” below if you know where.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

16 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #48

  1. This is across the street from oscars… At tavern on main or what ever its called

  2. I take it back its up a little more on main across from where Sally’s was the screen door guy

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Downtown Merchants Association!

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Second Time Around!

  5. 15 Avery Place. Look at the sidelight windows next to the front door.

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Federal, Greek revival or Italianate? Or none of the above?

  7. The Dr office on Avery place

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    So either the “Wheeler House” or the obstetrics office?

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson


  10. Elaine, Nancy and Julia: You are all correct. Lynn U. Miller’s photo shows a detail of the door on that historic medical office, directly across from the Westport Historical Society. Great job!

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Diane, too.
      When you mention “historic medical office” I’m now wondering if It is the same building that my Family M.D. worked in (70’s) although I can’t recall his name. Seems familiar, in the right location.