Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #47

Save the Children is gone from Wilton Road. Hariri International House — across the Post Road on Riverside Avenue, where the organization placed their international guests – has been gone even longer.

Ellen Willmott was the only “06880” reader to nail last week’s photo challenge. She knew where Larry Perlstein’s shot was snapped, and she knew the backstory to Hariri House. Congrats! (To see the full post, click here.)

This week’s challenge — courtesy of Jennifer Jackson — is a two-fer. We’ll even tell you what they are: the Confederate stars and bars, and of course a Nazi swastika.

Oh My 06880 - November 21, 2015

Oh My 06880 - November 21, 2015 - 2

Both are displayed prominently — and near each other — in a very public Westport building. If you think you know where, click “Comments” below.

60 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #47

  1. The Historical Society?

  2. Ironically, the swastika was/is considered an auspicious symbol in many of the ancient religions… You go to any village in India, that has never even heard of Hitler, you will see the symbol in every house!!! I remember by realtor in Stamford gasping in horror because my picture of Ganesh, the hindu god of obstacles, had this symbol somewhere in there…



  3. Sorry to be pedantic here, but that’s not the “stars and bars.” The stars and bars was similar to the US flag, with the “union” in the upper left corner, blue, with white five pointed stars corresponding the the number of states, and only three stripes, two red and one white. The red flag with blue saltire and stars was the battle flag.

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Westport Defense Unit of 1941!

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Rolnick Observatory!

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Bedford Middle(?) School, or wherever the Nike reactor was first located!

  7. §Dan=Much as I generally enjoy your POV, this time I have to cry FOUL:
    first for misidentifying the Confederate Battle Flag;& second for lumping same (so precious to millions of us ) with Hitler’s dread logo. I’m just sayin’
    Otherwise. Best Wishes. s/ Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr /NoelJr@OptOnline.Net

  8. §Dan-I neglected to thank Iain Bruce, whose November 22 comment [“that’s not the “stars and bars”] straightened 06880 viewers out on this matter. So thanks for printing Mr Bruce’s “correction”. s/Noel
    Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr //eMail: NoelJr@OptOnline.Net

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Sorry. My last comment was not meant to be a direct reply.

  10. Joyce Barnhart

    Iain, no need to apologize. I’m sure many people, including Dan, were interested in your clarification. Thank you for it. (And I have no idea where these are.)

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Boy Scouts!

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Fine. If Westport doesn’t have a Peace Museum, I agree with Bobbie.

  13. The only other place I can think of is the VFW, although I’ve never been there.

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    How about a Library book?

  15. So far, no one has come close. Think outside the box.

  16. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Town Hall!

  17. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Graffiti! “Art Work”!

  18. Library would be my best guess.

  19. Nancy Hunter Wilson


  20. Public library

  21. Museum of the Holocaust

  22. library mural?

  23. A very public Westport building First thought was the The Post Offices in Westport but they have new owners now and has a new location in Playhouse Square Mall. Hmm…think outside the box…I have a feeling it right under our noses too. I have four wild guesses will be 1) The old Saugatuck Post Office that is now an Auction house. You can see into the huge Glass Windows 2) the actual Playhouse where all the play productions and Positano (spelling may be off) restaurant is now. 3) It’s on the outside of a building that has to do with history if that’s true which building? 4) what about that cinema that everyone is raising money for isn’t behind the restaurant/stone store front on Main Street? Entry way or tunnel to the outside seating area. Let’s me know if I’m getting warm/hot on maybe location

  24. I feel like the yellow man on Google walking the streets trying to see

  25. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    The Dressing Room?

  26. The Big Red Barn in Playhouse property. They’re separate buildings on the property. Or posted along the driveway going into Playhouse parking lot. This would be odd but the Mobil gas station across from Playhouse.

  27. Nancy Dressing Room closed a couple of years ago It’s now Postiano’s restaurant that moved from the Old Mill section of Compo

  28. We might have to put this on hold until tomorrow. I know Some of you live in other time zones. So you still have more hours of awake time but the East Coast is winding down for the night.
    One last stab for the night…In the area of Playhouse along Post Rd they are store fronts some are houses converted to businesses and actual buildings like the fur place across the street from Playhouse. Oh how about the cluster of buildings where Webster Bank and the former LeFarm and the Creative Writing Room and Newman Foundation Offices They are on the side of one of these businesses but which one

  29. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    So playbills from the Playhouse? What titles?

  30. Nancy they’re actually signs/posters and big too. They are on the side of something. In the area/location of the Playhouse/Post Road. (I was hoping some actual Westporters were still awake not just us out of towner and in Nancy case along with a few others different time zone/state/country)

  31. Goodnight All! signing off 1102pm East Coast Time

  32. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Last thought: a tunnel under the highway near the Playhouse?

  33. The prop room at the Westport Playhouse.

    • When I told Wendy that her Playhouse guess was “closest,” I meant in terms of the type of place this image was found — not geographically.

  34. Theatre productions… Staples High, Bedford Middle, Kings Highway Elementary or any schools (former) I’m missing. Levitt is always concerts and Westport Arts Center?

  35. The prop room at Staples?

  36. OK Westporters you have to take over. i have only been to the front entrance of Staples and down the elevator where all the tables and chairs are where they hang art on the walls and from the celing for special events. Oh i had to drop something off in the offices once… So take it away folks that’s your turf.

  37. We know it’s in Staples High which as changed a lot for the out of towners/different country/different states. Staples has been remodeled (early 2000s) but could still be in it’s original spot.

  38. Isn’t there a collection of framed posters from previous productions in the hallway outside the Staples auditorium? The swastika could be from” Cabaret,” though I can’t imagine what the Confederate flag is from.

    • Yes! You’ve got it, Bobbie! Congrats. The swastika is definitely from “Cabaret,” and the Confederate battle flag is from a long-ago production of “John Brown’s Body.” Well done!

      • Finally — it was a process of elimination, plus your hints. Keep these photo challenges coming, Dan. They’re lots of fun!

  39. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Backstage at Staples if the prop room is too small.

  40. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Oops. “Displayed prominently” means Bobbie is correct.

  41. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Then again, the Art Dept. is close to the auditorium.

  42. Really?