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[OPINION] Last Fall For North Avenue Trees?

Jennifer Johnson is a former member of Westport’s Parks & Recreation Commission, RTM representative and Westport Transit District director. As the mother of a Staples High School sophomore, she is very familiar with North Avenue. Jennifer writes:

This could be the last autumn for over 150 trees at the entrance to our flagship school, Staples High School.

That’s because Aquarion hopes to begin construction of 2 massive water towers on North Avenue this coming spring.

North Avenue trees near the entrance to Staples High School.

It would be the largest public works project in town history, likely to last several years. The constant flow of construction trucks will exacerbate already crippling traffic caused by the closure of Coleytown Middle School.

Does this site make sense for 2 towers? Why is the town continuing to make this a neighborhood issue rather than a community-wide issue? How will we survive years of construction ahead?

There are alternatives. They may cost more. But maybe the cost of moving forward at this site is too great to bear.

If the the RTM, and all of our leaders and town staff join in, hopefully we can find a solution before it’s too late.


Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #47

Save the Children is gone from Wilton Road. Hariri International House — across the Post Road on Riverside Avenue, where the organization placed their international guests – has been gone even longer.

Ellen Willmott was the only “06880” reader to nail last week’s photo challenge. She knew where Larry Perlstein’s shot was snapped, and she knew the backstory to Hariri House. Congrats! (To see the full post, click here.)

This week’s challenge — courtesy of Jennifer Jackson — is a two-fer. We’ll even tell you what they are: the Confederate stars and bars, and of course a Nazi swastika.

Oh My 06880 - November 21, 2015

Oh My 06880 - November 21, 2015 - 2

Both are displayed prominently — and near each other — in a very public Westport building. If you think you know where, click “Comments” below.