From Westport To Anatevka And Syria, With Love

For the past 2 weekends, Staples Players’ production of “Fiddler on the Roof” awed and inspired packed audiences.

The show’s run ended last night. But its magic lives on.

The plight of early 20th century Russian Jews resonated with the teenage cast and crew. They made connections with world events today. At each performance, Players collected money for Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Relief Fund.

At the end of last night’s final show, Players president Vig Namasivayam announced that audiences had donated $4,750 to the cause.

Staples Players:  Take a bow!

The symbolic check, presented to Save the Children after last night's performance.

A symbolic check, presented to Save the Children after last night’s performance.

(To add your own donation, click here.)

8 responses to “From Westport To Anatevka And Syria, With Love

  1. Mary Schmerker

    Once again, Staples Shines! Thank You for caring Staples Students.

  2. Nice to see the love & caring, despite all the fear & vitriol out there.

  3. This meticulously crafted, highly technical and beautifully acted production left me in utter astonishment. And of course the message is timeless as well as, regrettably, topical. Well done, Staples Players!

  4. An additional $1100, over what is pictured on the check, was donated by the closing night audience. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

  5. Staples Players you rock! Just made a donation.

  6. Saw the play Friday night — it was sensational. They made the material fresh and emotionally resonating. Very professional production.

    When I got the tickets 2 weeks ago, I kicked myself because only 4th row right balcony seats were available, but it turned out to be bershart (meant to be) because I couldn’t see the actors faces and so immediately and totally forgot the cast was made up of high school students. This makes the quality of the performance even more astonishing.

  7. This is so wonderful to hear, particularly after all of the disgusting attitudes we have had to endure around the issue of the Syrian refugees – whose only crime is that they are trying to survive.