Lynsey Addario’s Latest Story

Today, Nile Rodgers was the focus of a New York Times feature.

Tomorrow, Lynsey Addario focuses on a Times Magazine cover story.

The issue examines the plight of displaced people around the globe. Lynsey —  a Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur genius grant winner, and a Staples High School graduate — contributes stunning photos from Syria, South Sudan and Ukraine.

Lynsey has a knack for finding heartbreak — and, amid it sometimes, hope — around the globe. This story is some of her most harrowing, and important, work.

(Photo/Lynsey Addario for the New York Times)

(Photo/Lynsey Addario for the New York Times)

Click here for the stories, and Lynsey’s remarkable images.

(Hat tip: John Karrel)


One response to “Lynsey Addario’s Latest Story

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    When viewing such photos, I’ve often wondered how the photographer leaves the subject. Must be Hell.