Nile Rodgers: A Man For These Times

Today’s New York Times Men’s Style feature on Nile Rodgers — nominated 9 times for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but never an inductee — starts off this way:

“My attitude is that there are plenty of buildings that want to have me. Why would I want to live in a building where they don’t?” said Mr. Rogers, drawing a metaphor from Manhattan real estate, where he learned over the years that he was sometimes too famous or too black to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

As it happened, Mr. Rodgers was milling about on a recent afternoon not in his Upper West Side co-op but in his six-bedroom compound in Westport, Conn.

The view of the Long Island Sound stretched for miles, the furniture included Louis XIV chairs and ancient Chinese beds, and the walls were covered in platinum records he earned producing hits for Madonna, David Bowie, Chic and Sister Sledge.

The story is an intriguing look into our neighbor’s recent collaboration with Kylie Minogue, Janelle Monae, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Hugh Jackman; his gig next spring at Coachella; his past encounters with cocaine (it’s been replaced with stevia), and his Westport life since 1994 (including his battle with prostate cancer).

To read more about the full story about this fascinating — and very stylish — Westporter, click here.

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

13 responses to “Nile Rodgers: A Man For These Times

  1. Thanks, Dan – the Times article is a great write-up of a great guy. It also features a wonderful video of the amazing and brilliant Nile Rodgers – not only a creative powerhouse but a truly kind and caring individual. In a Westport where so many artists and musicians have moved on, Nile’s presence here is such a force for the positive. Nice to see the musical world not just enjoying the water, but remembering to thank the well.

  2. God bless him; he is such a Sweetheart. We love him dearly.

  3. Media usually focuses on how cool Nile is – and he is. But it should also mention how “warm” he is – kind and generous always. And very, very smart. He’s our grace note.

  4. oops – forgot to mention, as we enter the giving season people should check out the wonderful foundation Nile established at

  5. My last year as Executive Director of First Night Westport/Weston was themed “We Are Family” and Nile was unbelievably generous in supporting us that year. He donated hundreds of copies of the CD song “We Are Family” and we were able to distribute the CD’s to schools and families.

  6. As I read the article this morning it reminded me of the fabulous time we all had meeting and experiencing Niles when he was awarded the Library’s Booked Award. He is more than an inspiring person, he is a valued member of our community and family.

  7. He’s one cool cat!! Glad he’s healthy.

  8. Nile gives back more to humankind than most will ever know, quietly – and we are fortunate to claim him as a Westporters for all these years. Great tribute, and yes, he has style!

  9. Has anyone else been able to figure out the strange goggle things that came with today’s NY Times home delivery?

  10. Great gentleman who remained grounded throughout a fabulous career.

  11. Rarely can a person be the epitome of cool and the epitome of class at the same time. Nile achieves both with ease. Way to go Nile. And the dude can play…

  12. I saw Nile at the panel discussion organized by the Fairfield Museum in connection with its exhibit on the area’s music legends. He is indeed the epitome of the gracious superstar and it’s a crime he and Bernard haven’t been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Hopefully that will finally be rectified soon.