A Pond For All Seasons

Yesterday’s “06880” story — on a new book about the Sherwood Mill Pond — inspired many readers.

And it inspired Kendall Gardiner to send some photos.

Kendall is a longtime Mill Pond resident. Like everyone at Old Mill and Compo Cove, she sees the pond in ways those of us not fortunate to live there seldom do.

Kendall has photographed the Mill Pond in every season, and all kinds of weather. She knows it as a living, breathing place — with faces and moods as varied as any human being.

Among her favorites:

Mill Pond summer day - Kendall Gardiner

Mill Pond after storm - Kendall Gardiner

Mill Pond - winter - Kendall Gardiner

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9 responses to “A Pond For All Seasons

  1. excellent! thank you

  2. I remember about 50 years ago Pinky Ogilvy and Kevin Cunningham diving under the sluice gates when the tide went out.

  3. Deborah Oestreicher

    Stunning beautiful photographs Kendall.

  4. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    My Aunt & Uncle lived on Edgewater Hillside on the Mill Pond and one winter (we’re talking the 60’s) we skated with the wind, our coats acting as sails. But it was a rough skate back against the wind.

  5. Willy, I doubt they went under the gates on an outgoing tide….incoming yes.
    Peter Atkins running his motorboat around the island before the millpond filled with so much sand from Sherwood Island. Catching crabs with Jed Goering, the Windells and Mannings. Shooting rockets in to the pond with the Morrisons. Hanging on to a rope on the incoming tide. Fishing and making out on the piers. Sitting on the piers just looking at the pond.Snapper blues running on an incoming tide using a Mepps Phoebe. Catching mummychugs for bait. Periwinkles and hermit crabs. Too many memories to share them all.

  6. Craig, as I remember it, the incoming tide was slow and there was no rushing water; but the out-going was a huge rush of water when the gates lifted because of the volume of water within the salt pond.

  7. Kendall,
    These are fantastic. It was great reconnecting with you today.

  8. Sally J. Deegan

    Back in the early 60’s, Bill Deegan was courting me and we were having dinner at Allen’s Clam House We were sitting at a window table and we looked out the window and there was an orange Volkswagen being blown out by the wind to the island. Some guy yelled out “that’s my car! The kid who parked it mustn’t have put the brake on. Those Volkswagons were very tight. You had to crack the door window to close the door.

  9. Willy it is the other way around. The gates were designed to hold water back in the mill pond on the outgoing tide and open on the incoming. The is no way you could go under the gates after they closed.