Vote Today!

I voted today.

I drove less than a mile to my polling place: the library.

The process was quick and efficient. Volunteers greeted me with smiles, checked my ID and handed me a ballot.

I walked a few feet, filled in the ovals, fed it into the machine, said goodbye to another volunteer, and left. On my way to the parking lot I got a coffee to support Kings Highway Elementary School. (They had both Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks — one more choice on a day full of them.)

LWV my town my vote

Driving home, I realized how easy — and important — the process is.

I thought about voters in the early days of our nation. They had to travel vast distances — by horse, foot, barge, whatever — to cast their votes. They did it.

I thought about the millions of migrants who are fleeing countries all over the globe today. They’re doing it for many reasons — but not living in democracies is high on their lists.

There are many candidates on the ballot today. You can vote for whomever you wish.

There is only one thing you can’t do: Not vote.

For a list of Westport polling places, click here.

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

7 responses to “Vote Today!

  1. My beloved grandma, who was an immigrant, taught me that voting was a privilege and an obligation. She reminded me of how many people around the world had died to gain the right to vote, and I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote. I urge everyone to, regardless of whom you vote for.

  2. And buy a muffin or cup of coffee and support the PTA!!

  3. Take your kids to the polls too! They learn by action and seeing how important it is to vote.

  4. Elizabeth Thibault

    I agree with Jane, especially as school is out today. My only complaint about voting is running the gauntlet of candidates outside the polling place. I appreciate their desire to be visible and encouraging on election day, but trying to get my shy child to walk through a crowd of them who all want to thank you just makes it a little more difficult.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Surprising to hear that candidates are “campaigning” on election day.
      Seems bad form.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    At my polling location in Trumbull, CT, there are always several candidates (and their posse), pushing for votes and “conversation”, on the way in. It’s decidedly annoying and feels like “too much, too little, too late” to try and influence a voter at this stage. Mildly ambush style. I just can’t seem to escape the posturing and blathering, at all the wrong moments, IMHO.

    But regardless of the nuances found at polling spots, I’m proud to be an active and thoughtful voter, I do enjoy the overall camaraderie, and I do appreciate the process and the hard won freedom therein!!

    We have it so easy here – voting locations are abundant and easy-accessible.
    However, this is NOT the case throughout this nation, and that IS a legitimate problem.

    😎 I VOTED TODAY! 🇺🇸

  6. The reminders to VOTE were everywhere, how could you forget !
    The Campaign litter was over the top this year. For a town that voted out plastic bags, all those political signs at every intersection took away from the beauty of the town and this time of year. So much plastic sign trash to toss away, unless someone runs again. I will applaud the quick removal after Nov. 3rd