Our Tax Dollars At Work

Alert “06880” reader/photographer/man about town Miggs Burroughs writes:

After petitioning the state for years, they have finally established a break-dancing zone on Route 33 near the Bartaco parking lot.

Who says government doesn’t listen?

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)


7 responses to “Our Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Touché! That says it all about these recently-added death-trap crosswalks that give pedestrians a false sense of security while drivers zoom right on through. (Happened to me just last Saturday at the one in front of the old post office.)

    Has anyone in our brain-dead DOT noticed how these things work in the UK: – Half a block of jagged white lines and blinking yellow globe lights to warn the motorist
    – “Look right” or “look right” painted onto the pavement to warn the pedestrian which way the car’s coming
    – AND extensive driver education, emphasizing one needs to stop the moment a pedestrian places one toe into the crosswalk.

    And, even if the DOT is brain-dead, where are our local police departments when there have been a number of pedestrian-strikes at these crossings — at least one of which resulted in a fatality?

  2. This doesn’t excuse the idiot pedestrians out there, such as the Shake Shack patrons who park at the Home Goods strip mall and dash across 4 lanes of Post Road traffic WITH YOUNG KIDS IN TOW! Have the police ever arrested one of these parents for child endangerment?

  3. While the prior comment raises some good points and an appropriately serious tone……I experienced an audible chuckle when seeing the picture after reading Miggs’ set up. Expect to see Miggs “getting down” and doing his stuff since it so close to his home. Actually even closer to my home, so we will have to have dance off!

  4. Ann Marie Flynn

    I’ll put my money on Miggs….unless it’s a Stack of Barley dance off. Go you guys!!

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Gosh, has no one bothered to fix this sign since the image was posted last April?
    Then again Mischief Night is tomorrow.

  6. Was this sign the work of the same DOT that wants to “fix” the Cribari bridge? The same DOT that cannot finish the repairs to the bridge on North Avenue? The same DOT that has been given, by governor Malloy, the task of spreading $100 billion worth of pork ? They are from the government and they are here to help us.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Michael, where is your sense of ha ha? Too often you seem stuck in a
      ha-ha. Give yourself a break.