Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #41

Last week’s photo challenge was hidden in plain sight: the entrance to the apartments above The Loft, at 9 Main Street. We’ve all walked by it — but have we ever really seen it?

Jacques Voris, Peter Blau and Diane Bosch have. All 3 quickly identified Lynn U. Miller’s image last week. (Click here to see it again.)

After 40 straight photo challenges, Lynn gets today off. This week’s image comes from Larry Perlstein:

Oh My 06880 - October 11, 2015

No, it’s not a photo from the archives. Even though the Minnybus* stopped running around the time that Pac-Man took the world by storm** , this street sign has endured.

But where is it?

If you know, click “Comments.” And if you’ve got any memories of the Minnybus***, send those along too.

*1 word — not 2, as on the sign.

** I am not kidding.

*** Or any knowledge of why this sign is still there.

11 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #41

  1. Coleytown Elementary School.

  2. Barbara Sherburne '67

    It should actually be minibus. Odd they spelled it the way they did.

  3. In Jessup Green (lower library parking lot) near book return depository.

  4. It’s still there on the New Haven side at
    the station.

  5. On North Ave right across from Coleytown El

  6. Ned and Ana — both correct. This sign is near Coleytown Elementary School (actually, Easton Road — not North Avenue). But as other commenters have noted, there are other Minnybus signs around town. (And that’s the way it was spelled.)

  7. Jeff Giannone

    Train station

  8. My children used to catch the minibus to go downtown by that sign, on North Avenue, across from Coleytown Elementary School. So long ago…

  9. Carissa Baker

    My father took the bus to the train station every work day, to get the train to Grand Central. My mom was so happy when those busses started. No more driving him back and forth ourselves. I was impressed the town purchased Mercedes busses!

  10. Barbara Railton-Jones

    It’s by Parker Harding Plaza.