Westport Cops Sport Sweet Pink Ride

A police car on a high school campus usually elicits a Pavlovian response: Kids flee.

But when Deputy Chief Foti Koskinas and Captain Sam Arciola showed up at Staples today, teenagers flocked to examine their ride.

Westport Police - pink Maserati

It’s not every day you see a Maserati cop car. Let alone, a pink one.

The 2016 vehicle is a rolling advertisement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Maserati of Westport donated the car (though only for the month).

It won’t be pulling you over — it’s just for show.

But the police vehicle will be at Sherwood Island on October 18, for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

Check it out there.

It’s not exactly hard to miss.

10 responses to “Westport Cops Sport Sweet Pink Ride

  1. Dave Feliciano

    Great promotional for the upcoming walk, and our fine police department. However the color looks more like Pepto Pismo than Pink to me. If they wish to sell the car afterwards, there may be a buyer, with a stomach ailment company.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      It’s actually just a wrap on the vehicle, not a paint job. When they unwrap the car, it will likely be the same boring blue or black that all these cars sport.

  2. Carol Sampson

    Thinking that time, effort, and money could be put to better use – like cancer research or patient care. Enough with the pink.

    • Carol, i understand your point. As silly as a pink police car may be i truly believe the omnipresent pink symbolism for fighting breast cancer highlights the cause leading to more awareness and, thankfully, more contributions for cancer research and patient care.

    • Money? Car was donated? Which means free. Time? Bringing the car to different events and places? I believe that is time well spent to raise the awareness. Please read and comprehend articles before spewing your negativity. Thanks.

      • I agree with Carol. It’s hard to imagine that awareness could be raised much more by seeing more pink. It seems more like a promotional stunt for Maserati. (spewing your negativity??)

    • Sandy Soennichsen

      Guess you’re just one of the lucky ones that you, or anyone you are close to, has never gone through breast cancer, and hope you never do, but your negativity is not complementary. Pink is the color for the cure though, and bah humbug to you.

  3. Little over the top.

  4. Maybe it was the local dealer’s penance for allowing test drivers to careen through local streets?