Sleeping With The Pope

As chairman of Westport’s Parks and Recreation Commission, Charlie Haberstroh takes his job seriously. So the other day he read a long Wall Street Journal story titled “The New Mattress Professionals.” Hey, beds are great spots for recreational activities, right?

Charlie plowed through tons of details about Eve and Casper, Leesa and Keetsa. These startups are apparently turning the mattress industry upside down, with new marketing techniques. One of those is “celebrity endorsements or associations.”

Near the end, this caught Charlie’s eye:

Pope Francis was expected to sleep on a memory foam relaxed firm queen-sized mattress by West Port, Conn.-based online luxury mattress startup Saatva’s Loom & Leaf division. The pontiff visited the Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary near Philadelphia last weekend, according to Stephen Dolan, the seminary’s chief financial officer. Mr. Dolan said the mattress was donated but declined to comment further and referred questions to the company.

Saatva chief executive Ron Rudzin says he is “simply honored and blessed” by the news.

I could not find a photo of the pope and his mattress. So this will have to do.

I could not find a photo of the pope and his mattress. So this will have to do.

Stuart Carlitz, chief executive of Bedding Industries of America, which manufactures Saatva mattresses, says he was approached by representatives from the World Meeting of Families, who asked if he could supply a bed for the Holy Father…. Mr. Carlitz says he donated the Saatva mattress, which retails for $999.

Today is Sunday. That’s a work day for the pope, so I couldn’t call the Vatican to ask how he slept.

Saatva Ron Rudzin, in a press photo. That's the Saugatuck River behind him.

Saatva Ron Rudzin, in a press photo. That’s the Saugatuck River behind him.

I had never heard of Saatva — let alone known that it’s headquartered right here in 06880.

I checked the company’s website to learn more about their Westport connection. I could not find much — beyond CEO Rudzin saying he likes to fish in the Saugatuck River — but I did find this:

Saatva is the fastest growing online mattress company in the country. Our honest passion for making each customer happy is the daily mantra. Our non commissioned, courteous and expert representatives give honest “no pressure” guidance. Our teams working in our 14 ‘partnering’ American factories are so proud to be building a luxury product that is healthy for the body and safe for the environment.

Additionally, we believe in building long term friendships with our delivery teams throughout our fulfillment centers. We love the culture that we’ve created as we are a wonderfully diverse and spirited group of employees who enjoy doing our part to keep America building.

So where is Saatva located?

There is no address on their website. BBB Business Review says they’re at 8 Wright Street. puts them at 25 Sylvan Lane South, Suite W.

I would have called headquarters to find out.

But it’s Sunday. Everyone is sleeping in.

In addition to sleeping on a Westport mattress, Pope Francis apparently made an unannounced visit to Landtech, the engineering consultant firm in Saugatuck.

In addition to sleeping on a Westport mattress, Pope Francis apparently made an unannounced visit to Landtech, the engineering consultant firm in Saugatuck.


5 responses to “Sleeping With The Pope

  1. Yeah, I also saw that he had an enjoyable layover at the Atlanta airport: picked himself up the new Clive Cussler book, a bottle of water and a Kind Bar…keep dreaming. 🙂

  2. I congratulate the Saatva people on doing a great job with marketing and promotion. Using the Pope’s visit for commercial PR, however, is tacky and I’m sure His Holiness would be most annoyed. If they wanted to donate a bunch of mattresses to some orphanage…a different story.

  3. Francine Radford

    Doesn’t sound to me as if Saatva has been pimping the pope. Quite the opposite – this fact was unearthed by a journalist and buried at the end of a lengthy article in a business publication on the mattress industry. Not the same as a full-length ad in USA Today, to me at least.

    • Mention was in the Wall Street Journal — #2 circulation paper in the US. The reason companies pay PR people is precisely to help journalists “unearth” facts like this.

  4. I had no idea that Saatva has Westport roots. I purchased a Saatva mattress last year. This is a high-quality product that I expected to sell for $2,000 or more given other mattresses that I had researched, but Saatva was half the price. It almost seemed too good to be true. The mattress gave off no odor when I removed it from the packaging, which exceeded my expectations given that I have a very sensitive sniffer. I liked the company and its philosophy already, but knowing that it has a Westport connection makes it even better.