Say Goodbye To Summer

Today is the 1st day of autumn. The air is appropriately cool.

Miggs Burroughs — Westport’s artist for all seasons — celebrates with this also-cool lenticular look at Compo, then and now. The color shot of Liz Beeby is his; the black-and-white one was taken by Larry Silver.

Miggs Burroughs Compo lenticular

11 responses to “Say Goodbye To Summer

  1. Credit must go to Larry Silver for his iconic photo of “Tiger Lady” or “Dragon Lady”, depending on which legend you subscribe to. Was she a Rockette? A fading movie star? Olympic bobsled champion?

  2. What, no men?

  3. Dragon lady was so wild to see, you always knew where on the beach she was. Great job Miggs! Can’t wait to see your next opening!

  4. Laurie Goldberg

    I don’t know who she was, but whenever I saw her I thought “You Go, Girl!”

  5. Lesley Anderson

    Dragon Lady was iconic to Westport. I used to see her at Compo all the time. She was a dancer, had 2 daughters, was married to an executive. Lived a simple life but flaunted what she had!
    Lovely person from what I know.

  6. My HERO! Confidence is Soooo SEXY!

  7. I think all of us who went to Compo “during that era” remember her! She was great to look at – always seemed like a very friendly and nice person.

  8. Dante Jacobelli

    This person resembles the “Mary” of the long ago couple “Wes & Mary”. Might it be the same person?

  9. Jo Ann Davidson

    I called her the Hat Lady. She was Lee Meagher, a cheerful and friendly person. She died about 10 years ago, but until then she and husband Jim sat together near the cannons almost every day.

  10. Loretta Santella Hallock

    Thanks Miggs. I remember her well. Loved her leopard skin bikini. A lady comfortable in her skin. Great memories!
    Compo Girl

  11. Aaaaah the memories of Compo back in the day.
    Fortunately for all, it continues its greatness!