Dustin Lowman’s Ship Comes in

In a world filled with young Westporters who dream of business school, summer i-bank internships and Wall Street careers, Dustin Lowman stands apart.

He’s a Middlebury College graduate — not unusual in this town — but he’s forged a distinctly different path. Dustin is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter, and he’s ready to make music his career.

If that sounds a bit Bob Dylan-esque, there’s a reason. Dustin has been a Dylan disciple since his mother borrowed CDs from the Westport Library. He evokes the early-’60s Dylan in his writing, playing and voice.

Dustin Lowman

Dustin Lowman

Still, Dustin Lowman is distinctly his own man. And a very talented and confident one too.

Much of that confidence stems from his upbringing here. It began with trumpet at Kings Highway Elementary School, then continued at Coleytown Middle, and band and orchestra at Staples.

Julia McNamee — his teacher for 7th grade workshop, 9th grade English Honors and 11th grade AP English — stressed creativity every day, from class discussions to essay topics. Dustin’s junior research paper was on Woodstock.

“Indulging the farthest corners of your mind” was crucial to him as a teenager, Dustin says.

Also important: Mike Zito and Jim Honeycutt’s Media Lab at Staples. They helped him record, and as a senior in 2011 let him and Noah Weingart make a full-length film.

“They gave us a lot of rope,” Dustin recalls. “We absolutely relished indulging our creative sides.”

The Dressing Room was another important influence. Dustin sang at that now-closed restaurant with older musicians like Michael Mugrage and Tor Newcomer.

He performed Dylan and Springsteen covers, and original numbers too.

The audience nurtured him. “I really felt they were saying, ‘Music is what you’re supposed to be doing,'” Dustin notes.

Dustin Lowman 'Folk Songs'He recorded his newest album — called, simply, “Folk Songs” — in his mother’s Westport home, as she prepared to move. That provided some of the poignancy an artist needs.

He designed the front cover from beach glass he collected with his mother at Compo Beach, over the course of his childhood. That too helped ground him, and his music.

All 9 songs are originals. All are compelling — particularly if you like Dylan, channeled through someone born decades after his folk-rock years.

The album dropped on Monday. It’s on Soundcloud, and other online outlets like Spotify (which Dylan definitely did not have, back in the day).

Dustin Lowman moves to Nashville next week. He hopes to make his mark on the music world.

It’s a different path from many of his Westport and Middlebury friends. Bob Dylan would be very proud.

(To hear Dustin Lowman’s “Folk Songs,” click here. “You can pay for it if you want,” he says. PS: You should!)

11 responses to “Dustin Lowman’s Ship Comes in

  1. Bravo!!!! Thanks, Dan, and Good Vibrations to Dustin!!!

  2. Congratulations, Dustin. Good luck in Nashville & beyond!

  3. Hi Dan: I am Dustin’s father and you and I have met a few times over the years. You are very kind to write such a moving tribute to Dustin. He is a very gifted and original artist with many influences. We are all very proud of him and he is thrilled to be moving to Nashville where he will also be close to family (my brother and Dustin’s uncle). I have told Dustin that success in the music business can be random and requires almost equal parts talent and luck. But I told him that practice and hard work can help you make your own luck. We will see. Thank you again for writing such a generous post.
    Donald Lowman

  4. One of the many reasons being Principal of Staples for eleven years was so rewarding. It was clear to me early on that Dustin was different in a good way. He had/has a good heart, is kind, caring, and focused. Because of those traits, he will make music that speaks to people and moves them. He will be successful. I’m glad I can say I know him.

    • And for those who don’t know: When John Dodig was principal of Fairfield High School, he knew and encouraged the career of a student named John Mayer.

  5. Jeffrey Wieser

    Not only is this really nice music, it is a great addition to Messr. Zito’s and Honeycutt’s playlist, which is the best there is. A great addition to the wonderful soundtrack of Wrecker Radio (90.3FM) . Congratulations to all !

  6. I believe I heard him play at Whole Foods when they used to have a ‘coffeehouse” event, and he is very talented. Best of Luck in your pursuits!

  7. Good luck Dustin! The music sounds great. Go forth and create. Tg

  8. Great sound – very exciting.

  9. Naomi M. Weingart

    Best of luck to you Dustin. You are a talented person. Westport’s loss is Nashville’s gain.

  10. Congratulations to Dustin and his parents. How exciting. Remember you as a little boy. Expect to see you at the Grammy’s.

    Mona Morris
    Rebecca and Josh’s grandma