Vanishing Main Street

Alert readers are the lifeblood of “06880.”

But it took a particularly alert “06880” reader to spot something interesting going on during the interminable downtown renovation project.

The reader writes: “As they replace the curb next to Jonathan Adler, they’re moving the curb about 20 inches further into the street. This will have a big impact on driving on an already narrow Main Street.”

Sure enough, here’s what’s happening:

Main Street

The only solution may be Smart Cars. Because — as we all know — Westport is sure as hell not teeming with smart drivers.

18 responses to “Vanishing Main Street

  1. Prob parking on one side only?

  2. Many comparable towns that had narrow streets for driving upped their shopping, dining appeal by closing off the narrow street and making pedestrian walkways only with parking behind the main thoroughfare. Driving on Main is nothing short of aggressive. Love the notion that one might park elsewhere and use ones soon-to-be-vestigial feet if not used.

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    • Blake Schnirring

      Love the idea of a closed off street – makes it easier for outside dining too!

      • Michael Petrino

        Outside dining in February in CT; great idea. It is amazing that to date no one has implemented that plan.

        • Nancy Hunter Wilson

          Funny. I had the same thought… then again, there are ice hotels, ice bars, ice restaurants…

        • Blake Schnirring

          The Spotted Horse has been able to maintain a year round business and outside dining.

  3. oh my! How are you going to fit all the Range Rovers on main st???

  4. what would the Kleins think ?
    what might Nat Greenberg have to say ?

  5. Yeah Dan, looks like cars are discouraged from parking at all on Main Street.

  6. Lol! Oh Dan you just have me such a laugh. Thanks. So true indeed

  7. Nor with public transportation!

  8. Is this part of a plan we should have known about? my


  9. Conspiracy theory: By narrowing the road and making it even harder to negotiate double parked cars…it makes an easier case for building a municipal garage downtown in the future to ease parking and traffic backup congestion…or…maybe the future installation of parking meters?

  10. Michelle Benner

    Sounds like it will (hopefully) deter most drivers and make the area more pedestrian / outdoor dining friendly? Might be really nice! 🙂

  11. David Feliciano

    The downtown plan does have a parking garage with fee, or it did as of my last attendance of the hearings. I pointed out that where they downtown institute fees in Connecticut, folks went to free parking malls (except Stamford). It appeared to be prepackaged decision, so I stopped attending. How about that catch basin and long trek to the library? Still no giant Ferris Wheel?

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    People always seem shocked when changes, both large and small, in the Town’s infrastructure occur, as though no one attends Council meetings or reads the local papers. A universal problem, perhaps.

  13. I think if you actually looked closely, anyone could see that the road is not being narrowed. It just seems that way while they are working. I see this every day and nothing indicates a narrower road. Actually, the finished product looks really nice. But for those not adept at parallel parking, the new curbs are very sharp and will puncture a tire and possible ruin a wheel if a driver decides to play bumper curb, already happened to two cars on Main. So be careful, or learn how to park.

  14. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Not sure smart cars are the way to go. The entitled will drive on the sidewalk & park right in front of the door!