Vanishing Main Street: The Sequel

Steve Edwards — Westport’s public works director — offers this comment on today’s “06880” story, about the new Main Street sidewalk:

Your reader’s observation that in places on Main Street the curb placement has changed is correct.

This is a positive curb re-alignment based on survey measurement and engineering design. As the new granite curbing is being installed, the town  is taking the opportunity to “straighten out the curb line” on Main Street that historically had significant variation.

For example,  in front of Chase Bank a belly in the curb line was removed to create a more visually attractive uniform curb. In a number of places along the roadway the curb line has been corrected. In some cases the roadway got slightly wider, and others slightly more narrow.

At some points, the new curb on Main Street is wider than before.

At some points, the new curb on Main Street is wider than before.

15 responses to “Vanishing Main Street: The Sequel

  1. So much for my comments earlier. Glad to have it explained.

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Granite curbing sounds swish!
    Must get back to the GOP debates, though, and an over-flowing pot of clown chowder.

    • Well Nancy…glad that our leadership in the “Excited States of America” continue to provide you guys up north with endless entertainment. At least you guys have Harper who seems to be pretty good and not an embarrassment domestically or on the world stage.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Jamie, it would be a plus if “you guys down south” took the time to watch the Thursday debate… only four parties to consider.

        • I am watching the debate as I type and it is providing me with endless entertainment. Cannot wait for the Democrats to join in the clown chowder also…but this blog is devoted to sidewalk realignment…so unlike our current leadership and potential future leadership…I try to return to and stay on topic.

  3. What they should do is just close Main Street to cars and make it like the 3rd street prominade in California. They could have outdoor vendors/booths, musicians, kid things etc. It would be a fun place and safe place to shop.

  4. Who really gives a s…t anymore. Main Street is now totally sold out and is only a dream of individual businesses and tress on the Main Street. Does anyone know who you are, other than a dollar sign? You used to go to a store and people knew your name and preferences. Write it off folks. The old ways are gone. Who cares how wide main st. Might be. You might just as well shop at walmart. Kohl’s or target. Don’t lament. Shop online. At least you don’t have to drive, find no parking, narrowing streets, and an overpriced limited choice of merchandise.

  5. Did this cause anyone else to crack-up?

    “…in front of Chase Bank a belly in the curb line was removed to create a more visually attractive uniform curb…”

    But what are they doing to make the bank more attractive?

  6. don l bergmann

    Steve, Thanks. Don Bergmann

  7. Sandy Soennichsen

    And be forewarned, the curbs will slash tires and possibly ruin a wheel if you hit it just right or try to (or accidentally) run up on the curb. Happened already on Main.

  8. …does anyone else think this site is beginning to sound like my ex-mother-in-law, i.e., attack everything about me/the town and demand immediate information/rationale (is there an “e” in there?) as to any activity I/the town appears to be engaged in?

    • Stephanie,
      I think this exchange shows exactly what is great about this site. A question was raised about a project and the person responsible for the project responded. Seems to have worked well. Do you propose we don’t make observations about what is happening in town? Or do you want those responsible not to respond?

    • Funny. I was thinking something similar after one of the parking posts that turned out to be on private property with the “culprits” being perfectly allowed to do what they were doing. After reading a few more posts since then, it seems like maybe behind the occasional feel-good post, Dan is really vying for the title of King of the Trolls.

      Or maybe he’s running some sort of psycho-social experiment.

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    You’re right, Stephanie, and I apologize for my own negativity (especially since I don’t even reside in Westport)… I’m afraid that following American politics, both national and local, drives me to drink. A poor excuse.