Tyrannosaurus Crane

As Westport’s downtown is being transformed by the construction of Bedford Square, its skyline has suddenly been filled with what one alert “06880” reader calls “Tyrannosaurus Crane.”

Crane over downtown - Bedford Square

The reader wonders: Why have other buildings in Westport — taller than this one’s 39 feet — been constructed without a massive crane?

The reader sent along a news story. Yesterday a huge construction crane crashed into Mecca’s Grand Mosque, killing at least 107 people.

The reader hopes there is “a hell of a bond” in place on Church Lane.

9 responses to “Tyrannosaurus Crane

  1. With the addition of a good sized magnet, this crane could likely address many of the downtown traffic issues.

  2. I was wondering how long it would take an “alert reader” to complain about the crane. I was not disappointed. About six hours.

  3. Why complain about it? It’s there for a few months to do a job, and I guess the developer thought they needed one that size or he wouldn’t have spent the money to put this one in place. And when the project is done, all the naysayers will probably go “wow, it looks great.” So just let it be and enjoy the view.

  4. mary schmerker

    I’m with Morley!

  5. Notice to non crane hating 06880 readers: on weekends, the crane is now offering free shuttle service to and from area events. I just got picked up from Slice of Saugatuck and was lowered onto my front lawn in downtown. Way better than driving. Thanks Bedford Square!

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This brilliant photograph has Hollywood considering a new James Bond/ horror flick:
    People are working on it as we speak.

  7. What a great picture. In fact what a fantastic picture. It depicts investment in Westport-people willing to put their money into our town. Put money into creating what should be a fun area-with shops and restaurants that we can all enjoy and entice others to come to Westport to shop and spend money.

    And turn a building that paid no taxes into one that will.

    Now-let me know when they offer rides. That would be fun too.