Seen In Green’s Farms: Maseratis And Roadkill

An “06880” reader living in Green’s Farms is stupefied by the drivers who roar through her neighborhood. Every day, cars race past at excessive — and dangerous — speeds.

Commuters drive particularly fast, she says. Through routes to the Green’s Farms train station, like Turkey Hill South, are “accidents waiting to happen.”

The area has also become a preferred route for folks taking Maseratis out for test drives, from the new Post Road dealership. “You can imagine,” she says.

Roadkill — including deer carcasses — are a common sight.

“The area is still called ‘Greens Farms,’ after all,” the reader notes. “It has a fair amount of open space, with an amazing amount of natural wildlife running around. Drivers should slow down and look around. It’s a beautiful part of town!”

Green's Farms' narrow, hilly roads are perfect for a Maserati test drive.

Green’s Farms’ narrow, hilly roads are perfect for a Maserati test drive.

She believes this problem goes beyond speed. “It reflects a mindset of those who fly through neighborhoods in which they have little or no investment. They often have no concern for their impact on the safety or concern of others who live in the ‘transit corridor.’ Can you say selfish?”

She wonders if other roads in Westport have similar issues. South Compo, Roseville and Bayberry are possibilities.

“How are they monitored by the police?” she asks.

The reader would like more signs, speed bumps, and enforcement. She understands the police have other priorities, and “it requires continual calls and reminders to get a patrol car to set up.”

So, “06880” readers: What do you think? Has our reader pinpointed a real issue? How has your neighborhood been impacted by speeding? What are the root causes, and what can be done?

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47 responses to “Seen In Green’s Farms: Maseratis And Roadkill

  1. Thanks for another driving post, Dan on a Saturday am. It’s everyone’s hot button wherever you live. I guess I feel an urge to defend beautiful old Westport because I see this where we live also – same exact behaviors– so frustrating. I also see it when we travel — any place where there is affluence, fast cars and entitled attitudes in this country. We were in beautiful, stunning Lake Oswego, OR (wealthy burb of Portland) recently and the drivers were the absolute worst — rude, fast, careless, entitled. I was left breathless many times. Parking jobs were amazingly creative — we stayed in a waterfront inn and a fancy sports car took up two spaces to protect his precious car, and the small inn only provides enough spaces for each guest room and their car. We had no space to park one night due to this entitled butt head. It’s everywhere and I’m praying for our world — bad attitudes seem to prevail everywhere. Love the driving/parking stories. I hope beautiful Westport can solve this issue cuz the rest of the world can’t seem to.

  2. September Stevens

    It’s sad and comforting to hear another Westporter going through the same experience our family does daily. We are on Compo Road North at the terrifying turn near Evergreen. There are near misses or horrendous accidents daily and I get aggressively tailgated and even honked at when I go the speed limit or simply slow down to turn into my driveway. It’s a 30mph road which most people don’t realize since there are two sad signs along the whole stretch. I’m worried for my children when we wait for the school bus as commuters and even recognizable neighbors fly by at close to 50mph. It’s disappointing that our police do little to monitor the safety of our roads and sadder still that drivers care so little for the safety and mindset of other drivers. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to have a “Slow Down Westport” month. When police would be out in numbers enforcing the speed limits around town. We and the drivers who use our town as a throughway may start to get what the speed limits actually feel like and perhaps enjoy the ride a little more by looking at our gorgeous town and taking some of the ‘hurry-up’ stress out of the drive. Wherever you’re going, it’s not worth the risk your taking and the change to Westport your making. Slow down please.

  3. Michelle Benner

    Hillspoint Road too. A little scary pulling out of our driveway sometimes, cars come up so fast around the curve. I also slow down many houses before ours before pulling into our driveway so the tailgaters have time to react. The amount of Maseratis being driven around is comical, I appreciate your post! 🙂

  4. Roseville is definitely another problem area. I get aggressively tail-gated almost every day, and the number of people who veer across into the opposite lane because they are going so fast around blind corners is absolutely staggering.

  5. It will be very satisfying when I get an 06889 post about some douchdbsg hits a deer. You want to test drive your Maserati, do it on the Sherwood island connector. That’s her used to race when we were in high school. Just make sure you do a drive-through first to see if there’s any cops or speed traps

    • I’m sorry Mike, but what grown mature adult uses the word “douchbag?” I’m sure you could have made your point about fast drivers without using such crude slang.

  6. And, this is nothing new. Years ago, a famous race car driver used Old Hyde Rd in Weston as a test track for his race cars. Now I live in SW NH on a dirt road. When freshly graded, it becomes a race track for the high school kids. We have had our share of accidents too.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Craig, I used to live on Old Hyde Rd and I deeply resemble that remark.

  7. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Bayberry Lane is aptly mentioned as problematic. Getting out of my driveway which is just beyond the hill coming from Weston, with a sign noting Hidden Driveway, is extremely risky. Cars come over the hill at 50+ mph. My last words to anyone visiting are, ” Careful going out. They’re crazy on this road!”

    Speed bumps before and after the hill would be so welcome.

  8. I live up the road from the stop sign near the Minutman Statue. I have the following proposal for Westport Police;
    I will pay an officers hourly salary if we can split the profit of fines from motorists blowing thru the stop sign!!

  9. I didn’t realize how bad Westport drivers were until I moved east – where the Post Road is two lanes, where a driver coming from the opposite direction will let you make a left turn, where being nice to another driver or a pedestrian makes you feel good. What would Westporters know about that?There aren’t many Maseratis here either.

  10. Wendy Crowther

    Compo Road North at the E. Main St. intersection is a problem too. I live at the corner and hear the squealing brakes followed by the horrid bang. I’ve made too many calls to 911 from my phone to report those sounds and then have run to scene to see if I could help. At night, the offenders are often those who have had too much to drink. During the day, its people in a rush. Bicyclists and motorcyclists have also been hit and taken away in ambulances. Impatient horns blare at those pausing to turn left on E. Main. The police show up quickly after the 911 calls – kudos to that. However, if they laid in wait to catch offenders PRIOR to the crashes, perhaps the damages to life and limb could be prevented.

  11. From Bayberry the cars continue onto North Maple–not only do I fear for the deer but I fear for myself ,a small elderly lady who would not like her reason of death to be “roadkill”–by the way I noticed that very soon after graduation there was an influx of Maseratis (graduation gifts??) Please drivers give me a fair chance to take my daily walk

  12. We live on Colony Road and experience the same problems. We have purchased “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” signs in our yard, but those signs have been stolen. With school back in session, the problem is worse as students speed through as Colony is a connection between North Ave and Roseville. We call the police occasionally, but the impact is sporadic. We used to live on Oak Street and the neighborhood was successful in getting speed humps put in. Through the process we learned that certain streets are not speed hump eligible as quick access is needed for emergency vehicles. Like many things, a tragedy will probably be needed to grab attention, but that will then fade. Am open to suggestions on how to improve the situation in Westport.

  13. Compo South and Imperial are definitely problems. I won’t walk my dog on either, even with sidewalks!

  14. As a bike rider and walker I feel this issue in a very personal way. While many folks in Westport respect and look out for those of us who use the roads for more than driving there are far too many who don’t. I live on Thomas Road and have spoken to our First Selectman on more than one occasion about the excessive speeds on our street. He has said it would be addressed but to date nothing.

    I have suggested that cameras (like many of municipalities now use) be considered not only for speed but red lights (especially in front Trader Joe’s). Speeders and red light runners get a ticket in the mail – 100% enforcement.

    Just an idea –

    • I live in Florida now where roads are straight, flat, newly designed and fun to drive. When driving around CT recently, I couldn’t get over the challenge in navigating the twists, turns and hills on not just the narrow country roads but the highways as well. I had literally forgotten how difficult the roads were there, but was quickly reminded that you can’t drive anywhere in CT easily. Many impatient drivers were up on my bumper, especially on the back roads. Not a pleasant experience. Couple that with the newer cars being so well designed and built, you can be 20 miles over the speed limit and not even realize it. Plus the road design there in many areas resembles that of long ago…no right or left turn lanes and very narrow. It’s a recipe for lots of frustrating and dangerous driving.

  15. We have hit a nerve here, people! When the sign announcing the Maserati dealership went up, I wondered where they would test drive them – now I know. It’s very unnerving as a driver and a walker in town to see the laws being broken constantly. Drivers blowing through lights, stop signs, crosswalks, etc. I’m all for cameras – send them a pricey ticket and it might deter some of these irresponsible drivers. The income from the tickets would more than pay for their use, no?

  16. Virginia Tienken

    You can add Harbor Rd to the list. People come off Duck Pond Rd and go as fast as they can to the curve before Bermuda Rd. Technically Harbor Rd is a dead end since everyone who goes out has to come back. So happily we get them at least twice. Many trucks speed but I really think it is the residents or their friends who are the worst. Backing out of our driveway is a game of chance. Have had many pass me as I got into the road because they are going too fast coming out of the curve.

  17. Indeed, nothing new to Westport. We live on Prospect Road and, back in 2000, we had the very same problem with the Volvo dealership. We did a speed test on our little road (posted 25mph) and the AVERAGE speed clocked in at 48mph. At that time, we had 33 children below the age of 13 living on our street. It took a lot of work but the end result was the 4 speed humps installed. The dealership changed their test drive routes, the speeds have dropped along with the volume of users. A good news story in the end.

    The sad part was that the two neighbors (myself and another) that worked to install these speed humps were vilified by our own neighbors on both Prospect Road and Ellery Lane. We were even the subject of a channel 12 newscast debating the life-threatening situation we created with these speed humps . . . how it was going to slow down fire engines or rescue vehicles. Not to mention how we had “destroyed our beautiful country lane” with all of the signs required to be installed along with the humps themselves.

    Westport has long had a mentality that the individual is more important than the society as a whole. Will we be able to slow this town down? Not until our Town takes this issue on. It’s more than just the car dealerships looking for sales routes. Here’s one . . . can we talk about sidewalks, or the lack there-of? Every school bus must stop at every house as it’s not safe for little Jane or Johnny to walk a few houses down for a common bus stop. Not with these speedy drivers in town. Which makes the bus routes way too long. Which puts so many mothers driving their children to school every morning so they can get an extra 30 mins of much-needed sleep. Which causes traffic, which causes more speeding. The circle begins.

    People like to think of Westport as a beautiful country town. The reality is that Westport is a suburban community. If we could wrap our brains around that and work on some infrastructure to support it, maybe we could address some of these issues and make Westport a better place for us all.

    • And with all of these “personal bus stops” getting to the train station is challenging if you happen to be behind one!

  18. Jill Turner Odice

    How many accidents have there been on King’s Highway? I know when I lived on Edgehill Ln and King’s ,Hwy there were several fatal accidents there. People treat it like a race track…

    • I have lived on Kings Hwy North for 32 years (i.e. BSH ) and was part of a committee which had petitioned to get the speed humps installed, along with the stop signs. At least once a year there would be a car crashing through our shrubs and fence or coming to an abrupt stop after hitting one of our trees. The humps and stop signs have certainly helped mitigate the problem, though this past July 4th a sleepy driver totaled his car hitting a tree….he, fortunately escaped shook up, but unscathed. So they do work. However, the signs warning against “No Thru Traffic” are virtually ignored. Tracker trailers and those “ESC” buses used by some local corporations are frequent travelers. The other thing that helps is that during rush hour the line at the Wilton Rd traffic light often extends up to Old Hill Road making it impossible for people to speed.

  19. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Unfortunately, at least one bright and caring Westport police official suggested, researched and actually got a proposal from one of the traffic camera company to install traffic and speed cameras in Westport, at select locations, at no charge for a pilot. BUT once again CT STATE statutes
    forbid traffic cams for lights and speeding except in very few (politically) select cities.
    Me thinks King Malloy is encouraging population reduction in CT, culling the herd, between limiting traffic and speeding enforcement and chasing businesses (GE) away

  20. Dick Lowenstein

    More stops signs and a few speed bumps on Greens Farms Road would help. And don’t be mislead by claims that it impacts emergency response times. We’re talking about seconds lost not minutes.

  21. Awhile back I heard some of these complaints about Greens Farms area being used as a test track by the Maserati dealership. I reached out to Dale Call, our police chief and within a day an officer met with the dealership. The dealership agreed to limit where they would run the cars (the Sherwood Island Connector), but it appears that has slipped. Seems another visit to the dealership is in order. While Dick’s point about speed bumps on Greens Farms road is a possibility, the issue extends to many other “cut through” roads such as Center Street, Turkey Hill Road, Maple Avenue, Morningside, etc. The Greens Farms Association would be happy to capture more feedback from residents and be a focal point for feedback to the town.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

    • Art, I walk my dogs up Morningside, across Hillandale and down Turkey Hill almost every day. The issues described are very real. I am usually out when the late-for-the-train or late-for-school (GFA) people are tearing up the roads and taking liberties with the stop signs on Hillandale and Clapboard Hill. On the weekends, when am often out earlier, the same issues exist, but with a twist. In addition to the drivers who assume the roads are “all theirs” at an early hour, there are bicyclists who tear through the intersections at breakneck speeds, rarely slowing and seldom stopping. I am alert to the special dangers of walking these roads, and always stop, look and listen before crossing. A cyclist is much, much quieter than an automobile engine (especially a Maserati!) though, and I fear the day that a near miss becomes a direct hit. Anything that The Greens Farms Association can do to bring these road safety issues– both automotive and other — to a head in front of the appropriate town bodies/authorities would be a true public service. Thank you.

  22. Hillandale Road between Hillspoint and West Parish. It’s a cut through to avoid the Post Road, a straight stretch, a popular place to walk/run with children and dogs in tow as well as cycle. A race drag by teens, many woman/mothers in a race and lots of fancy cars sporting their power. A serious accident waiting to happen. I enjoy our front porch and witness it car after car! Police could collect tons of funds with tickets on this road alone!

  23. It seems clear that this is a problem that is concerning so many in OUR town. Perhaps the solutions come from acting together as a community. Remembering that not only cul-de-sacs or our own personal streets are neighborhoods but also other streets that are considered major or minor arteries in OUR town. Perhaps parents being role models and taking on the responsibility of what it means to be a safe driver. Perhaps more side walks and bike lanes so community members have safer and alternate means of traveling throughout OUR town. Perhaps working together with the police department and the high school leaders on how to teach safe and responsible driving right from the start. Perhaps speeding cameras or more speed notification signs like the one on Roseville Road. Most importantly, and perhaps most meaningful, would be for us as a community to all be a part of the solution and take pride in what it means to be true members of a community and do what is best for OUR town and look out for the safety of all OUR neighbors and families regardless of wealth and the cars we drive.

  24. I wouldn’t put a lot of blame on Maserati test drivers. I’d hate to have to buy one just because I had an accident with it. Wonder if they are allowed to test a car without a salesperson with them. If I owned the dealership there would be no way that car goes out without a salesperson.

  25. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Baffling when a “Lane” becomes a high speed thoroughfare.
    Then again, during my quiet morning walk today, a bright red Porsche came down our hill, full speed, turned and revved back up the hill. By the time I walked onto my own road, the Porsche was back, the engine even more angry this time.
    Then it occurred to me: The driver can’t read “detour” signs.
    I like a good chuckle to start my day!

    On a helpful note, because our police can’t be everywhere, we have volunteers who run speed clocks periodically, especially near schools.
    Not sure, though, such a “wake-up” call would really help Westport, after reading the stories above.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      p.s. Parents have to be nuts to buy their kids fast cars. Period.

      • Regardless of what car a parent buys for their child, it should come with a driving school enrollment. Not the kind to pass the Connecticut test, but one that teaches them how to react in an emergency. Skip Barber at Lime Rock and the Street Survival Program offered by the TireRack and various automotive clubs have these programs. It will be the best investment to protect your kids. (yes they offer this program locally).

        • Nancy Hunter Wilson

          Good. All driving schools should be teaching emergency reactions. It is impossible to pass the drivers test where I live without accredited driving school education, and it should be.

          Giving a new driver a BMW, though, is reckless in itself.
          I know of too many teenage deaths.

          • Close by is this Street Survival® event:
            Consumer Reports Testing Facility
            Sat, October 03, 2015Connecticut Valley BMW CCA ’15 #2 Colchester, CT 06415
            The CR facility is pretty neat unto itself, and access is very hard to get, so sending a child there to learn how to drive and see a cool place is great.

          • And honestly what the Barber schools and Street Survival® offer are way above what regular schools offer. These are held in wide open closed course areas where the students apply the instructions and practices in real world situations. A few parents could use it, too (Skip Barber schools permit adults to learn too).

          • Last rant. 🙂 BMWs are very crash worthy cars and have a lot of safety features and controls built into the stability controls, electronics, etc.
            About seven or eight years ago, the NHSTA allowed manufacturers to collaborate on stability controls. As a friend who’s a design engineer with one of the US majors auto makers said, it was an unprecedented permission granted for all companies to work together for a common good, and that it would and has prevented many injuries and fatalities. When this engineer spoke to me about it, he was so pumped up about what was done in a short amount of time. Now almost every car has it. As of yesterday, automated braking systems will now become standard in all cars, not just the high end ones . A BMW is pictured in the NY Times article. I’d rather drive a car that can steer or accelerate me out of trouble. BMWs give a driver that option (disclaimer: We own three of them, so I’m a bit of a “fan boi”). 🙂

  26. it is a very real problem. Compo Road South, Longshore and Compo Beach Rd are very dangerous. The speed limits, 20 on Compo Beach Rd and 25 on Compo Road South are doubled, tripled by drivers. I sometimes wonder
    if we are going to have to wait until a car hits a walker, runner or child to do something about the disregard for the vulnerable.

  27. It’s not just the speed. I just witnessed a woman in a black SUV perform a U turn on the Post Road near the intersection of Main Street. All four lanes of moving traffic were impacted. Amazingly, there were was not one collision. Less amazing: the SUV driver was on her phone.

  28. Morley, you should see all the women making U-turns right on Main Street, as if they owned it. They aren’t phased. Should all be ticketed.

  29. I find the driving very aggressive and me first attitude…..the fact that it happens elsewhere is not applicable…I live near red coat, cavalry, broad street, walking the dog or running is quite dangerous. ..the police put a speed monitor there last year, helped for the moment….I feel if the feeling of “I am more important and what I am doing is more important than others, plus doing 5 activities in the afternoon afterschool back to back, will only continue, and perpetuate the behavior…

  30. Hey folks, it’s not the cars that cause accidents and problems and speed, it’s the people driving them. Lets face it, we have many careless drivers, unsure drivers, and drivers who shouldn’t even have a license in this town, and then there are the entitled drivers without limits or restrictions. Time for the police to start cracking down.

  31. Two different issues between the test drives and the Greens Farms Station traffic.

    I live off of South Maple and we get commuter traffic, though I don’t think it is as bad as it could be. A consistent sidewalk from Post to Clapboard Hill (or even Greens Farms Road) would certainly be a benefit to residents, as opposed to those who are passing through.

    Of course, anyone who has been trying to catch the 3:27 train has probably needed to race to the station if they were stuck behind our school buses that seem to stop at every house.

    Perfect chance to ask “when is a four way stop not a four way stop?” When it is the intersection of South Maple and Clapboard Hill.

  32. Nathalie Fonteyne

    I have never really understood why the US is not using the same system as europeans, cameras with radar detector, you speed you get “flashed” or “blitzed” and 10 days later you get a ticket in the mail with your photo, the photo of your license place (so you cannot deny), the speedometer and the fine. Now the technology is even so sensitive that they do not literally “flash” anymore but the term remained. These cameras would pay for themselves in no time! I lived for a while in Germany and have to say I did get 2 tickets. You do pay attention. As I was visiting my expats friends they would tell you to be careful as some of the cameras are stationary (like by school, before dangerous intersection). You DO learn to mind them. Then there are the mobile ones so they keep you on your toes. I would really investigate getting them around the school or by notoriously accident prone intersections. No need to hide them, we can even advertise them, it will make everybody slow down. It is also probably be safer for our police personnel not to have to issues the tickets on the roads. Then once you are on the highway in appropriate areas, there is the glorious ” no speed limit” when you can really test you motor and in that country it would be the Porshe.