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Roundup: Robert Cray And Kindness Rock; Maserati Mishap …

The latest star to sign up for the Levitt Pavilion’s “Stars on Tour” series is Robert Cray.

The 5-time Grammy winner — whose American roots music has won him fans at concert halls, arenas and festivals around the world — plays Westport on Saturday, September 10 (8 p.m.).

Tickets are on pre-sale now for members. They’re available to the public on Monday (June 27, noon). Click here for details.

Robert Cray


On a day when she was mourning the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision — and the polarization it has unleased across the country — Lynn Untermeyer Miller found this little bit of hope, in the garden near the Gillespie Center.

“You never know where you’ll find a little kindness,” she says.

(Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)


It’s been nearly a week since a Maserati was sideswiped on Hillspoint Road, between Schlaet’s Point and Old Mill Beach.

The damaged vehicle is not going anywhere. It doesn’t have to. It has a beach sticker, so it’s legally parked (if a couple of yards beyond the “No Parking” sign).

But other vehicles are going somewhere: around it.

Bike rider Jerry Kuyper knows how dangerous that curve is. He snapped a few photos.

(Photos/Jerry Kuyper)

Seems like every car has to cross the double yellow line to avoid the Maserati.

Except for the one that didn’t.


It’s baby season, Amy Weiss notes, so woodland creatures are especially hungry.

She photographed this one — a frequent visitor to her kitchen door — for “Westport … Naturally.”

(Photo/Amy Weiss)


And finally … Lynn Untermeyer Miller’s photo (above) inspires today’s musical selection:

Seen In Green’s Farms: Maseratis And Roadkill

An “06880” reader living in Green’s Farms is stupefied by the drivers who roar through her neighborhood. Every day, cars race past at excessive — and dangerous — speeds.

Commuters drive particularly fast, she says. Through routes to the Green’s Farms train station, like Turkey Hill South, are “accidents waiting to happen.”

The area has also become a preferred route for folks taking Maseratis out for test drives, from the new Post Road dealership. “You can imagine,” she says.

Roadkill — including deer carcasses — are a common sight.

“The area is still called ‘Greens Farms,’ after all,” the reader notes. “It has a fair amount of open space, with an amazing amount of natural wildlife running around. Drivers should slow down and look around. It’s a beautiful part of town!”

Green's Farms' narrow, hilly roads are perfect for a Maserati test drive.

Green’s Farms’ narrow, hilly roads are perfect for a Maserati test drive.

She believes this problem goes beyond speed. “It reflects a mindset of those who fly through neighborhoods in which they have little or no investment. They often have no concern for their impact on the safety or concern of others who live in the ‘transit corridor.’ Can you say selfish?”

She wonders if other roads in Westport have similar issues. South Compo, Roseville and Bayberry are possibilities.

“How are they monitored by the police?” she asks.

The reader would like more signs, speed bumps, and enforcement. She understands the police have other priorities, and “it requires continual calls and reminders to get a patrol car to set up.”

So, “06880” readers: What do you think? Has our reader pinpointed a real issue? How has your neighborhood been impacted by speeding? What are the root causes, and what can be done?

Click “Comments” to weigh in — and please use your full, real name.