Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #35

Last week’s photo “hunt” was relatively easy.

Rick Benson, James Weisz, Diane Silfen, Edward Bloch and John F. Wandres all knew that the word “Hunt” can be seen on the side of what was once called the “Hunt & Downs” building, on the corner of Post Road and Riverside Avenue.

It’s still there. Now we just call it Arrezzo restaurant, or “the Age of Reason building,” or “where Art’s is.”

For a fascinating history of the structure — and the back story of both Hunt and Downs — as well as the photo, click here, then scroll down.

Here’s this week’s challenge — courtesy, as always, of Lynn U. Miller:

Oh My 06880 - August 30, 2015

If you know where in Westport this is, click “Comments.” If you know anything about it, let us know!

34 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #35

  1. A fence! A frame!

  2. Nancy W Hunter

    I give up! But it’s beautiful! I love how Lynn’s photographs often fool the eye as far as material. At first glance the subject can look like wood, when it’s actually cement/concrete, and vice versa. Here, I just see a lot of rust.

  3. Is it on a cemetary gate? Christ and Holy Trinity on Kings Highway or the one on Evergreen for Saugatuck Congregational is my guess. — Madison Malin

  4. Is the insignia a lantern, or a crown?

  5. Keep guessing…

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Does it open?

  7. Jacques Voris

    I think it is part of the North Avenue bring

  8. Is this horizontal or vertical?

  9. I agree with Jacques!

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    A door entrance!

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    Perhaps on the Baron’s property – the dog-walk-park section?

    I somehow recognize this close up image (great photography here), but it’s just soooo vague in my memory!

    Also, had a thought that it could be near Compo, around some of the old war memorial grave sites?

  12. Does it squeak?

  13. Is it bigger than a bread basket?

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Old Mill Art Show (Hope it did well, by the way!)

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    C&HT Church.
    Good night!

  16. Jacques came closest. It’s the Merritt Parkway bridge, all right — but on Clinton Avenue. The Merritt has (or, in some cases, had), some amazing artwork on its bridges. All were different, by a variety of WPA-era artists.

  17. Dan,
    The Bridges on the Merritt Parkway are amazing. My brother in law Bill Collins was inspired by their design and created this bridge in PA.

  18. Sorry Nancy I didn’t have a clue. I was busy yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to see the post. I’m catching up on Dan’s posts this morning.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      This one was really tough, Wendy! I only got silly with it because of our ongoing storms.
      Wish I had taken a heraldry/symbolism class to figure out the meaning, if there is one!

  19. With all that rust, has to be on the water front!

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