A Perfect Spot For A Bank Or Nail Salon

This is right across from the Westport Country Playhouse. The closest bank or nail salon is dozens of feet away.

Call now!

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

12 responses to “A Perfect Spot For A Bank Or Nail Salon

  1. My bank in town is a bit of a drive, and yesterday as I anxiously gripped the steering wheel while navigating the Westport Saturday morning Post Road Demolition Derby, I was ashamed to notice my white-knuckled fingers had cuticles that sorely needed attention. Oh, the humanity! It never occurred to me, Dan, until you mentioned it – what a lifesaver it would be to have both a bank branch AND a nail salon (why not combine them?) co-located at that abandoned Sunoco station. For that matter, what would be wrong with a drive-thru teller where one sticks a deposit slip in the drawer and pulls back a carefully manicured hand at the same time? I’m not sure how to handle the right hand (maybe wear one glove) – but thank you for the suggestion. Its no wonder folks call you “the conscience of Westport.”

  2. If my memory is correct, there are two banks on the corner of the post road and Compo.

  3. I just re read your comment that a bank is dozens of FEET away. Guess you got it! In fact ,now that I think about it, there are three banks on the corner.
    What Westport REALLY needs is another Real Estate office (:-()

  4. Gee! maybe another faux Mexican restaurant?

  5. I’m amazed in this age of cross promotion and trying to maximize profits one of the banks hasn’t yet sectioned off a corner to supply manicures and/or a pay coffee bar!

  6. A client just told me that a friend goes to a certain servicing place for her car because they have a nail salon IN their facility. I think she said the manicure is free.

  7. Doesn’t this back up to the Barons South Property? Wouldn’t developers be interested?

  8. Marcy Anson Fralick, Staples Class of 1970

    The Southwest’s claim to fame is a church, mini-mart gas station, a Mattress Firm and a Walgrreen’s with a full liquor store on each corner. All of them open 24/7. Go to church, fill up the car, pick up a six pack and check out memory foam beds. Nail salons and banks are harder to come by….

  9. Bob Fatherley

    Message to a new nail salon owner: Don’t bank on it.

  10. Barbara Railton-Jones

    Or ANOTHER car dealership in town!

  11. FYI: I believe the Town owns land on all three sides of this potential redevelopment site – including a driveway on the West lot line. One of the most extraordinary oak trees in town can be viewed if one just walks a few feet up that driveway – it has been braced and thru-bolted with massive iron bars. I have a strong suspicion that the driveway itself is actually a remnant of the original Kings Highway.