Sweet Saugatuck

Some people might see this as a perfect summer afternoon: relaxing at the plaza by Saugatuck Sweets.

Others might see the cellphone and the I-95 bridge.

What do you think? Is the ice cream cone half empty, or half full?

Lazy hazy days

8 responses to “Sweet Saugatuck

  1. Michael Calise

    Your at the rivers edge – everything else goes away!

  2. Everything Westport always full!

  3. Well, obviously the guy is calling his sweetie to come join him for a treat on the beautiful romantic river. The music will start soon and they can grab a bite to eat at Whelk before they dance the night away and share an ice cream !

  4. Well, actually it looks like his sweetie is sitting there waiting for him to get off the effin phone.

  5. Wanda Tedesco

    Half full!!

  6. From a glass half-full perspective, I first want to say that you have captured one of the nice changes to Westport: the plaza and related development of the waterfront by Gault where that ugly, giant oil tank used to sit. For those familiar with Queens and the LIE, I used to think of that as our local equivalent of the infamous Elmhurst gas tanks. But, I guess many years ago, there was a lot more industrial activity in that area.

    Second (and maintaining a glass half-full perspective), I would like to think that the cell user is trying to be polite, i.e., he has moved away from the crowd after taking his call and is doing his best not to disturb anyone (in contrast to some self-centered people I would sometimes see on Metro-North).

    So this picture is in its entirety a positive depiction of a summer afternoon by Saugatuck Sweets.

  7. Susan Hopkins

    I see a person who needs to “move on down the line” away from the couple who are attempting to enjoy the scenery and all this bucolic settings offers. Hang up the phone … or move on.

  8. Correction: Should read “all this bucolic SETTING offers … “