Here’s Why We Call It Long Island “Sound”

This morning — right underneath a sign prohibiting glass bottles, open fires and amplified music — an alert “06880” reader saw this:

Organ at beach

If you’re hoping for a free concert though, you’re out of luck.

An hour later, it was gone.

6 responses to “Here’s Why We Call It Long Island “Sound”

  1. Good grief…what’s next? 😳

  2. Michael Calise

    Did it have a beach sticker?

  3. This is disgraceful! Do some people on Westport think the rules don’t apply to them The ” chosen few”

  4. Susan Hopkins

    Help me Rhonda …. what’s next?

  5. Wendy Cusick

    you folks must of forgotten about the big chair in the marsh pointing to the sunset along imperial ave next to grace salomon park a couple years back. it’s gone now but one wonders….. should have taken a picture

  6. Julie Fatherley

    And what’s more, it’s on organic sand.