Missing Fisherman Found

Many Westporters were sorry to see Mansion Clam House start morphing into Parker Steak House.

But lobster, shrimp and seafood aren’t the only losses. The Mansion fisherman — a mannequin that sat on the roof for years — disappeared as soon as construction began.

Yesterday, an alert “06880′ reader walking past the enclosed dining area beween Mansion and Julian’s’ spotted what she thinks is the fisherman — or at least, his legs — in a container.

(Photo/"Saugatuck Cindy")

(Photo/”Saugatuck Cindy”)

The rest of him is in the bottom of the container, somewhat smashed up.

If the fisherman could be salvaged, that would be quite a catch.


14 responses to “Missing Fisherman Found

  1. Matthew Mandell

    The fisherman is to be placed back up on the roof once all the work is completed. That’s what was said to P&Z last month. I’d say he’s going need some sprucing up as well.

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Say it isn’t so … ! ; )

  3. Julie Fatherley

    Hooray for that astute observer…I always loved seeing that figure on the
    roof as I crossed the bridge. We need to keep “local color” with these
    historic sites. Bland is the new “go word”…no sense of history or
    nostalgia …we need to reclaim our special character in Westport.

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, if the plan was to put the statue back up, then why the careless toss into a demo pile?
    Me thinks someone on the job site didn’t get the memo.

    Anyone remember the famous lumberjack/Paul Bunyon statue that was on the old Danbury Fair grounds?
    When that fair became defunct, I wondered what may have happened to that icon, along with several other somewhat strange installations (there was a Cinderella themed “walk through” that could fit right into a “scary doll” movie today).

    Anyway, year’s later, I saw it perched at a huge Stamford salvage store location (not sure of biz name). I was like, wow, check THAT out!

  5. Bill Whitbeck

    I wonder if he is any relation to the fisherman in a rowboat that sat atop the old Jolly Fisherman restaurant in Norwalk next to the Admiral Motel. Located on Route 7 just south of the Merritt Parkway, they were torn down when they built the “new” Route 7. Does anybody else remember him??!!

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Bill – I think I remember seeing that fisherman in Norwalk! Hmmm, it does kind of appear to be the same statue – perhaps the same maker?

    Don’t know about the dairy bar place in Danbury. Haven’t been that way in many years.

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Mrs. Paulsen and Mr. Whtibeck they were sold to private collectors. I last saw one on someone’s property on the Bethel/Danbury line in the area of Blue Jay Orchards in the mid 1990’s. About 2 years ago I tried retrace my steps to find the statue again….they must have moved can’t find it.

  8. At first glance, I would have a heart attack if I saw that in the window. I think I watch too many crime dramas!

  9. Sounds like he may be beyond repair, but simply returning a fisherman to the roof of a steakhouse would seem incongruent. Maybe the spruced up version should sit on a saddle and accessorize with a stetson, boots and whip?

  10. Willy Maliszewski

    We could restore it if someone rescues it.http://www.londonjoiners.com/

  11. Cathy Romano

    I guess the fisherman is going the same way as the St. Anthony Statue that just seemed to crumble away, hum.