Saugatuck Island Splendor

Westport is beautiful on this mid-summer Friday — and no place is prettier than Saugatuck Island. Here’s a view of the canal, with the bridge in the distance.

saugatuck island - 1

The weekend forecast is partly cloudy tomorrow, plenty of gorgeous sunshine on Sunday. Enjoy!

8 responses to “Saugatuck Island Splendor

  1. Susan Hopkins

    Thank you, Dan … or whoever shot this wonderful photograph. The ideal mental escape.

  2. Yes, beautiful!

  3. It looks like a painting. I’ll be on Compo tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see people there. I’ll be standing next to a 7 year old boy who enjoys just sitting in the water up to his neck and drifting with the current.

  4. Patty Gabal

    Where exactly is Saugatuck Island?

  5. Saugatuck Shores

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Lovely shot! Too bad the photographer wants to stay anonymous.
    Appears that there is some significant growth of foliage going on there in Saugatuck, unless that’s from someone’s personal garden/back yard – gorgeous plantings, either way! Tall Sea grass? Some Russian Sage maybe? Tiger Lilies, and a late blooming hydrangea or rhodedendrum?