Affordable Housing Applications Available Now

For months, Westporters driving on the Post Road near Super Stop & Shop have watched apartments rise on the site of the old “trailer park.”

They’re not done. But applications are now available for the duplex townhouse apartments — all deemed “affordable rentals.”

Hidden Brook apartments.

Hidden Brook apartments.

Monthly rents are $900 (1 bedroom), $1,055 (2 bedrooms) and $1,200 (3 bedrooms).

Applicants must meet income requirements, based on family size, for 50% of the area median income. Click here for more details.

Applications are online (click here), or at the Westport Housing Authority office at 5 Canal Street. You can request an application be mailed to you by calling 203-227-4672.

Applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to the the Housing Authority office at 5 Canal Street, Westport. They will be reviewed in the order they are received. The deadline is July 31.


22 responses to “Affordable Housing Applications Available Now

  1. Philip Ross

    Westport did a fantastic job on this project. People living here have nicer homes than Regents Park. It shows what Westport can do when we have a good plan and leadership. Well done and thank you to all involved.

  2. Amazingly affordable.

  3. Bart Shuldman

    Congrats on building such nice homes at such great rental prices

    Now it’s time to see how many Westporters actually meet the financial requirements to be able to secure one of these beautiful homes.

    Will they post or issue a report so we can all understand if Westporters really benefit?

  4. Marcy Anson Fralick Class of 1970

    These are fantastic rents for a “high rent” town. Unfurnished condos/townhomes that are in nice areas with nice amenities rent for about the same prices here in Tucson. However, the rates triple when the Snowbirds show up. 🙂 (Gotta milk those tourists from the snowy north)

    Affordable housing, or Section 8 housing here in Tucson, is made up of new or totally remodeled older apartment complexes that are done up to be almost top of the line, yet they are about 1/2 of the Westport rents, because they tend to be in less desirable neighborhoods, and often have single mothers, and/or young families who are financially struggling.

    It’s great to see Westport offering affordable housing that’s competitive with many other cities in the nation! Amenities of Westport plus affordability. Can’t beat that!

    • “…the snowy north…” We could sure use some snow right now!

      I’ve never been to Tucson, but I’ve heard that it is the best of both (winter and summer) worlds.

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Can’t beat that–really? Do you have any idea the negative impact to westport and to those that need ‘lower’ cost housing? Let me explain.

    Affordable housing does not mean housing for seniors that do not need the ‘big’ house anymore. Affordable housing in Connecticut is not for residents whose children moved out and no longer want the ‘big’ house. While Westport CLEARLY needs a type of senior housing to allow those to remain in Westport, affordable housing is not the solution.

    And ‘affordable’ housing could cause seniors to have to leave Westport-let me explain.

    Affordable housing in Connecticut is designated for famalies that meet a certain financialmeasurment for either income or assets or both. Most who own a home in Westport will NOT qualify as their income or assets or both will EXCEED the measure. Remember the affordbale measurement is not based on Westport type people–its just the opposite.

    By expanding affordable hosuing in Westport, the costs to Westport will increase–more schools or classroms and more services. And with the limited revenue that Westport will receieve for the addtion of affordable housing, the costs and town expenses in Westport will rise and therefore the taxes will rise. As taxes rise, senior citizens will find it more difficult to live in Westport. So we are not helping seniors stay in Westport–just the opposite.

    This will NEGATIVELY affect senior citizens in Westport. For those that are trying to stay in Westport, rising taxes could force them to leave. So the very people who are trying to stay, might have to leave. A lose-lose by all measures.

    In addtion, affordable housing CANNOT, let me repeat, CANNOT be promised/guaranteed to Westporters. Just ask those developers that were forced to add in a percentage of affordable houisng to their projects, they had to market the availability to people outside Westport–I believe to a 25 mile radius.

    What Westport really needs is senoir housing, cluster housing, approved for seniors, like they have done in New Jersey. These 55 and older communtities do not alow children, thereby limited the expense to the town. By building the cluster homes, the taxes and costs will be lower, and those that have become ’empty nesters’ who want to stay in Westport, can. And this would avoid the state sanctioned ‘affordable’ designation so it CAN be guaranteed to Westporters.

    Be careful for what you want–there is always the reality.

    • Connecticut isn’t a holiday place like Florida and Arizona.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Nancy that is about the ugliest email I have seen you write-ever. Shame on you. I guess your life in Canada is so bad you need to spend a lot of time on 06880 and adding your insults.

        • Bart, I honestly don’t understand what it is you find offensive.
          I must have misunderstood your housing comment above… I was thinking about taxes, that it is interesting that different states rely on different forms of revenue, whether property, resource, sales, or income tax.
          Also, it is interesting how countries worldwide differ in approaches to “affordable housing”.

          My apologies if so many of my comments are viewed as “insults”.

    • Marcy Anson Fralick Class of 1970

      When I lived in Westport, we had a financially diverse group of kids in our graduating class. Some came from exceptionally wealthy backgrounds, some from upper middle class backgrounds, but most came from middle class backgrounds; and there were some who came from backgrounds of near poverty. I’m sure many of those who were struggling and lived above their means just to have their kids in Westport schools would have jumped at the opportunity to live in affordable housing. I think it will add diversity to Westport, and maybe take the stigma of “uber snotty rich exclusivity” off the table and make Westport a community that will appeal to all economic backgrounds. If the uber-rich don’t like it, move. There are other exclusive communities nearby that would welcome you. Oh, wait, they have affordable housing, too.

      As for affordable senior housing, I know what it means. But, how many seniors who own a home will sell it and move into an apartment complex, or stay through the winter in Westport? Are there enough seniors to justify a developer coming in and building a complex exclusively for seniors 55+? And, will they travel to warmer climes in the winter, leaving units empty? Oh, and don’t forget that pesky little thing called the Fair Housing Act. Families can’t be discriminated from procuring housing even if they have children under 18, so your Senior housing has to set aside a certain percentage of units for families with children.

      You need to venture outside Westport to other cities, towns or municipalities and see that there are affordable housing complexes available in most places. Even Beverly Hills, Malibu, Aspen, Telluride, and Palm Beach have –GASP–people who need affordable housing. After all, the rich require much more than the middle class. They need their lawns mowed, trees trimmed, houses cleaned, nannies, teachers, nurses, day care operators, janitors, cooks, dishwashers, auto mechanics, shelf-stockers in the grocery store, checkout clerks, and much more. Who will do it? Not the elite Westporters; rather, those who aren’t too proud to do manual work for a living. They also need affordable housing since I’m sure they’re not making a fabulous living doing those jobs that elite Westporters wouldn’t dream of doing. It’s my guess that there is more of a need for affordable housing for everyday workers than there is for seniors.

  6. Mary Ann West

    OMG Bart, careful you don’t fall off your high horse, because, yes, there are people who qualify for affordable housing, even food stamps living right here in River City.

    Your thinly veiled rant is yet another argument to keep “those” people out.

    Guess what Bart; they’re here, there and everywhere around you. They work in the stores, they help care for the ill and seniors, they clean the houses, they teach our children, need I go on?

    Many have to take public transportation, perhaps you don’t see them waiting for the bus. Or using the Library computers and facilities or the YMCA…

    • Bart Shuldman

      Great. I hope we see a list of how many are Westporters and how many are not when the units get filled. No names-just percentages.

      But you missed my point. We had lots of discussion regarding Barons South and I personally would like to see the town do something for our senior citizens. The use of ‘affordable’ in my opinion, will not help them. The statue, in my opinion, would
      Limit how many benefit.

      But if we can do something that is not under the state statues and can guarantee housing to our senior citizens-that would be fantastic. Would like to see a win-win for them.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Mary. One more thing. Once we use the state statute of ‘affordable’ it is very difficult to guarantee any Westporter the unit. Just so you know-even though I was trying to focus on our seniors.

  7. Joanne Romano

    Sorry, need to add my 2 cents here! Has Westport become so entitled that they do not realize that many of their neighbors are struggling to make ends meet? I would imagine that a great number of “Westporter’s” fall within the requirements and should apply to the housing authority for possible approval.
    Following is the required income, how many fit in this category? Not all Westporter’s make 6 figures!!
    1-Bedroom $51,840 $1,121
    2-Bedroom $62,208 $1,355
    3-Bedroom $71,885 $1,572

    Everyone gets a fair appraisal of their eligibility… It’s required by the State of CT!!

    I don’t believe 10% affordable housing is such a hardship. Every municipality is required to provide such. These people work, they pay taxes just like everyone else, they pay their own utilities and do nothing more than try to provide for their families. Many of the residents “are” Seniors!!!
    State Requirements

    • Bart Shuldman

      Joanne. I appreciate your comments and want to make sure we all have the facts

      The law states we need 10% affordable homes starting AFTER 1990. As a Westporter I am very proud that is we don’t use an arbitrary date of 1990, Westport would probably meet or exceed the 10%. Setting an arbitrary date of 1990 has put Westport in an unfair position, our previous success is not counted.

      The other issue revolve around developers being able to skirt our P&Z regulations when they so call-want to build affordable housing. Let’s remember the 5 story building proposed at Westport Inn. We don’t have fire trucks that could reach 5 stories. What cost to the town for the services if this huge structure was to be built? Most of that project did not meet our P&Z regulations. What developers do is propose these out of line structures to get to build more regular housing to make big bucks.

      The issue we face are developers taking advantage of the law and building much larger and denser housing than our local
      Laws allow. The impact to our roads, sewers, police and fire is huge. These extra costs would impact all of us-and impact the very people we might want to be helping. If someone needs help and does not get it, taxes would have to rise and those already needing help would be forced to move.

      i understand your concern but for every action there is a reaction and I am not sure the reaction is good for all residents of Westport. How would higher taxes, potentially much higher taxes affect our senior citizens? Or residents who might need help?

      It is a shame that the work Westport has done compared to many towns before 1990 does not count. And it would be a huge shame that anything done could actually hurt the ones we are trying to help. No Westporter is guaranteed any housing when cited as affordable.

  8. I am trying SO hard to understand all of this! … “the issue we face are developers taking advantage of the law… larger and denser than our local laws allow”. So, local laws are irrelevant?
    Also, “the work Westport has done before 1990 does not count”.
    Haven’t demographics changed in the last 25 years?

    Confusing, and somewhat illogical. 10% affordable housing is certainly not a hardship. Anywhere.

    Aren’t taxes meant to help the Community as a whole? Do seniors not get a break on certain taxes?

  9. Joanne Romano

    Yes Nancy you are correct in that demographics have changed as they have in most municipalities since the 90’s Yes Nancy you are correct in that demographics have changed as they have in most municipalities since the 90’s. (Many of the “native” Westporter’s have moved to other locations, many to Norwalk including myself until recently and many of my classmates of the early 70’s) which boasts an 88k residency. Now some will say well let them take the burden of affordable housing because they are a widely diverse community. They have!! They well exceed the 10%. They boast an average of 3,800 affordable housing units with more on the table. Norwalk is not an inexpensive place to live. The median income is around $122,300 as of 2009. Most owner occupied homes are paying approx. 30% of their annual income on housing related expenses. Taxes are not low and the cost of living is comparable to surrounding towns
    It is the responsibility of each municipality to do their due diligence when permitting new constructions that they meet a stringent guideline. Norwalk has 6 senior housing complexes as well.

    • Joanne Romano

      Sorry Nancy for the double header. Was typing from my phone and it disappeared so I re typed it

  10. Joanne Romano

    Well said!!

  11. Thaank you for this, Joanne.
    Curious if there are social services provided, too, in order to provide a social safety net?

    • Joanne Romano

      You’re welcome. I’d have to do some research on that but I think there are available services provided through grants and donations!

  12. Joanne Romano

    Norwalk Plan calls for 60 new apartments in parking lot adjacent to Norwalk Main Library

    Ten percent of the apartments would be designated as affordable and enforced through deed restrictions under the city’s Workforce Housing Regulation.

    “The Lofts @ Mott Ave.” would include a mixture of one-bedroom and studio apartments.