Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #27

A wintertime scene did not fool our summertime readers last week. It took Tom Feeley a mere 5 minutes — and Rich Stein just 24 more — to identify our photo challenge: a close-up of Swezey’s Jewelers Christmas display. For years, the scenes of ice skaters, model trains and miniature jewelry delighted Main Street passersby. (Click here for that photo.)

On to this week’s photo challenge:

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you think you know where in Westport you’ve seen this dude, click “Comments” below.


8 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #27

  1. Westport Country Playhouse.

  2. Sallie Bridgwater

    Is Swezey’s still there?

    In His name

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  3. Andrea Berkley

    Design upholstery sign on riverside

    • You got it, Andrea! Custom Upholstery is on Riverside Avenue, near the Post Road. Many Westporters pass by often, but seldom notice it.

      • Andrea Berkley

        Credit goes to my 9 year old son Alex who recognized the face immediately. He passes it every day on the school bus and knew just where it was.

  4. I think this is a close up of an old timer on the mural of oscars …. That has been color removed

  5. Beth Berkowitz

    No idea, but really curious to find out where I have seen this face before.