Land Of The Free, Home Of The Entitled Lazy Pigs

We all love eating at the Compo Beach pavilion. It’s a wonderful spot, with a beautiful view.

So why don’t some people let everyone else enjoy it too?

Compo Beach 1

The crew at Joey’s does a fantastic job cleaning up. But some folks give them more than they can handle.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

When your umbrella breaks — or you decide you just don’t want it anymore — get rid of it yourself.

Or at least carry it 10 feet to a trash can.

Compo Beach 2

Well, at least no one can take this from us:

Compo Beach 4

12 responses to “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Entitled Lazy Pigs

  1. JP Vellotti

    Good post. I didn’t send this bc I didn’t want to spoil holiday. Glad you called them out. Took this yesterday.


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  2. Chip Stephens

    spot on dan. Thanks for sayin what we all think. We are so lucky to have Compo and all our parks. You just want to ……(fill in )……. When others trash our treasured places

  3. Joanne Romano

    I was amazed today to see how people treat the beach. Broken picnic tables and such? What’s that about?

  4. So like, I don’t recall so many ash**es when I was frequenting Compo in the 60s. Glory days.
    Guess the neighborhood went to shit. Money can’t buy personal conduct or common sense.

  5. Jamie Walsh

    Just a few entitled people tend to ruin the view for so many!

  6. Jack Whittle

    Was down at Compi for a cookout tonight, brought some out of town guests. Luckily (?) it was the usual clean, beautiful sunset and nice people scene, with no trash to be seen – our guests were left believing Westport was awesome (which it is). We did feed the two guys working on keeping the trash picked up, we had extra burgers and they deserved it.

  7. Thanks, Jack. Good call on the Parks & Rec crew — they do a fantastic job.

  8. Jennifer Rankine

    Thanks Jack Whittle 🙂

  9. Trying to look on the bright side: we saw some friends this weekend who live in upstate CT, in the northeastern part of the state. They went kayaking in the Saugatuck River and the Saugatuck Harbor. I was curious about whether they observed any litter problems in our local waterways and how it compared to lakes they kayak in upstate. They thought things looked good here and had actually encountered more litter at times in their kayaking upstate. Admittedly this weekend was just a snapshot in time but I was still glad to hear it.

  10. Honestly… How can we expect… Our parks, beaches, and other public spaces to be self monitored… When so many of our self absorbed, self indulgent, and self centered compadres (and their offspring) have housekeepers or care takers do their dirty work. It would be beneath them to have to actually be courteous and responsible for their own mess