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Pic Of The Day #2029

Tonight’s Compo Beach sunset — an hour earlier than last night’s (Photo/Rindy Higgins)

Pic Of The Day #2005

Compo Beach sunset study (Photo/JD Dworkow)

Pic Of The Day #1994

Compo South Beach sunset (Photo/Benji Porosoff, age 16)

Pic Of The Day #1965

As summer fades, another Compo Beach sunset (Photo/Patricia Jumper)

Pics Of The Day #1935

Compo Beach sunset … (Photo/Frederic Chiu)

… and Burying Hill (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

Pic Of The Day #1910

Last night’s sunset was even more spectacular than most. At Compo Beach, the color of the sky matched a little girl’s outfit … (Photo/Jeanine Esposito)

… while around the corner at La Plage restaurant, blue and pink provided a gorgeous backdrop. (Photo/Nicole Donovan)

Pics Of The Day #1881

Three views of last night’s sunset:

Cedar Point (Photo/Eileen Lavigne Flug)

Compo Beach (Photo/Jeanine Esposito)

(Photo/Patricia Auber)

Pics Of The Day

One view of last night’s Compo Beach sunset … (Photo/Cathy Malkin)

… and another (Photo/Jonathan Rosenoer)

Pics Of The Day #1569

Sailboats off Compo Beach … (Photo/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)

… and another view … (Photo/Daniel Johnson)

and a motorboat at sunset (Photo/Eric Taylor)

Pics Of The Day #1568

National Hall, from the Saugatuck River west bank promenade … (Photo/Susan Leone)

…. plus this bonus photo of tonight’s Compo Beach sunset, submitted moments ago … (Photo/Carlos Garcia)

… and over Owenoke … (Photo/Jonathan Prager)

… ditto, Sherwood Mill Pond (Photo/Matt Murray)