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Pic Of The Day #1480

Compo Beach sunset (Photo/Jack Krayson)

Pic Of The Day #1423

Not your typical Compo Beach sunset shot (Drone photo/Franco Fellah)

Pic Of The Day #1373

Photographer Patricia McMahon says: “This couple drove from Manhattan to Westport yeseterday, just to see a sunset on Compo. I don’t think they were disappointed.”

Pic Of The Day #1364

Compo Beach sunset (Photo/Gigi New)

Pic Of The Day #967

Compo Beach late fall sunset (Photo/Lucy Zeko)

Pics Of The Day #755

Compo Beach sunset: 3 views

(Photos/Isabelle Alvarado)

Sunday Sunset Sail

You never know what you’ll find at Compo Beach

But whatever it is, it’s always special.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

Click on or hover over photo to enlarge. (Photo/Dan Woog)

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Entitled Lazy Pigs

We all love eating at the Compo Beach pavilion. It’s a wonderful spot, with a beautiful view.

So why don’t some people let everyone else enjoy it too?

Compo Beach 1

The crew at Joey’s does a fantastic job cleaning up. But some folks give them more than they can handle.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

When your umbrella breaks — or you decide you just don’t want it anymore — get rid of it yourself.

Or at least carry it 10 feet to a trash can.

Compo Beach 2

Well, at least no one can take this from us:

Compo Beach 4

Just Another Summer Sunday Sunset

Sure, another local website posts Compo sunset photos every time the sun goes down.

“06880” stays away.

Unless there are shots like these:

Compo Beach - Dan Woog

Compo Beach - Dan Woog

That’s what lucky beachgoers were treated to tonight.

Imagine what it looked like if I had a real camera — not an iPhone.

Or how it looked in real life.

PS: Here’s one more. Lawrence Zlatkin sent along this view from a sailboat off Cockenoe Island:

Sunset from Cockenoe - Lawrence Zlatkin