Red Barn Is NOT Closing

The rumors have swirled for weeks: The Westport Family Y bought the Red Barn. It will be torn down, and used for parking.

The Y is not talking. But the lights were off last night, the parking lot deserted — and Westporters got even more worried.

Red Barn restaurant

You can keep worrying — but only if you wanted to dine there before Wednesday.

The Red Barn is closed because the kitchen is being revamped. They’re adding new ovens, and a natural gas hookup.

It reopens July 8.

At the same place its been all these years: next to Merritt Parkway Exit 41.

You know: Right near the new Y.

20 responses to “Red Barn Is NOT Closing

  1. Thank goodness… everything good can’t be stripped from the once great town. (old guy rant)

  2. Diane Cady

    Here is hope that the septic system is repaired and no longer contaminating the Saugatuck River.

  3. T. Mitchell

    Don’t forget that Splash also “wasn’t” closing…..they were just doing much needed “electrical work”, yet they were in actuality a goner.
    Stay tuned……

  4. George Albano

    Hallelujah!! Some things in life are just irreplaceable … The Red Barn is one of those … Can’t wait to try out the new ovens!

  5. Morley Boyd

    There must be a reason why the Y wants that kitchen to remain operational. I’m guessing that it has nothing to do with the preparation of food.

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    The family still own the property, or does the Y own it and are letting the family run the business for now? Just wondering.

  7. So will they please fix the Roof Sign. It’s been missing the “The ” for a while. Might show the owners care….

  8. Staples Class of 70 is having their Reunion dinner at RED BARN Saturday August 15th.

  9. T. Mitchell

    Does Staples Class of ’70 have a contingency plan in place ?
    Just saying…..

  10. whoops! Correction Staples Class of ’70 reunion is at another great historic Westport area spot on Aug 15th…Cobbs Mill Inn.

  11. William Adler

    Dan, I think you’ve succeeded in encouraging your flock to be truly candid but also with appropriate tone. Love the candor here. I have nothing to add to this thread but it was a nice way to start the morning. Happy 4th! I’ll be channeling childhood memories of fireworks at Compo Beach and taking them in from Cedar Point!

  12. Sandy Johnson

    Happy July 4th to all in Westport from my new home in New Orleans. LA Renting an apt from my son as unfortunately I had to leave WP as I could no longer afford my acre property. However, I am glad to be able to still be in touch via Dan and 06880. It’s great that I am able to live in an exciting and fun place, but will still miss Westport after 35 years there.

  13. N A Oppmann

    FYI The Red Barn is closed (they also posted it to their FB page in response to someone’s post to their page).